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Revera Riverbend: Bargaining continues after long delay

Update for Local 047, Chapter 042 - Revera Riverbend

Dec 01, 2022

Articles agreed upon, ingoing proposals exchanged

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Following an extended delay, the employer met us at the bargaining table on November 28 and 29. Your negotiating team is committed to improving our working conditions and compensation and that was well reflected in our ingoing proposal.  

However, the employer seems set on maintaining the status quo, at best, but has also proposed a number of things that would worsen working conditions for all members. For example, they want to be able to reduce hours for part-time employees, with no regard to seniority.  

We cannot stand for it! Your negotiating team will continue to advocate and fight for your needs throughout the bargaining process. In contrast to our employer, we have proposed improvements, especially for part-time and temporary employees.  

We were able to make some progress in this round of bargaining by mutually agreeing to multiple articles. The agreed upon articles are: 

  • Purpose and Preamble 
  • Article 1: Term of Collective Agreement 
  • Article 2: Definitions 
  • Article 5: Management Rights  
  • Article 15 Union Stewards  
  • Article 16: Staff Parking  
  • Article 20: Workers’ Compensation  
  • Article 23: Casual Employees 
  • Article 25: Discipline, Dismissal and Resignation 
  • Article 27: Grievance Procedure  
  • Article 28: Employee Management Advisory Committee (EMAC)  
  • Article 33: Contracting Out 

In addition to the articles, we were also able to agree on the following name changes to classifications on the salary schedule: 

  • Angels (Companions) 
  • Activities Activity Living Aide  
  • Activity Living Aide / Bus Driver 

Negotiations will continue in the New Year, but we are awaiting confirmation from Revera, as their bargaining representative is changing for the second time.  

Please keep an eye on your email inboxes for future updates as negotiations proceed, and make sure you plan to attend meetings for further updates. Please reach out to your negotiating team with any questions or concerns. 

Jean Shier or 780-952-8117 

Victoire (Vicky) Mulatris or 587-879-9752 

Mary Ann Suguitan or 780-399-7740 

Merryn Edwards, Negotiations

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing  


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