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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details

Committee contacts

Committee Chairperson

Darren Graham

Local 057
Committee Member

Trevor Bidyk

Local 057
Committee Member

Michael Decker

Local 002
Committee Member

Palmira Vona

Local 002
Committee Member

Joyce Ranson

Local 006
Committee Member

Kelly Annesty

Local 046
Committee Member

Miste Moore

Local 042
Committee Member

Christopher Dives

Local 084
Committee Member

Denise Johnston

Local 044
Staff Advisor

Farris Sobhani

Staff Admin

Charlene Peterson

Committee news

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Duties of the Membership Services Committee

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AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Membership Services Committee as follows:

The Membership Services Committee shall:

  1. promote the general welfare of the members of the Union not otherwise falling within the jurisdiction of any other Standing Committee of the Provincial Executive;
  2. consider matters relating to the delivery of services to the membership and may make recommendations thereto;
  3. promote the training of Union members;
  4. ensure that the membership is informed of Union affairs;
  5. make recommendations to the Provincial Executive regarding the publicizing of Union affairs and programs;
  6. promote the training, development and coordination of Union Stewards of all components; and
  7. act on behalf of Convention to implement policies and directives regarding Union Stewards.


Photo of all Membership Services Committee members