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Time for Action Rallies - All details

Committee contacts

Committee Chairperson

Bonnie Gostola

Local 045
Committee Member

Sandra Mill

Local 001
Committee Member

Rose Anne Pimentel

Local 049, Local 047
Committee Member

Alicia Heit

Local 044
Committee Member

Juanita Cozicar

Local 056
Committee Member

Karie Burchill

Local 006
Committee Member

Chantelle Tindall

Local 095
Committee Member

Angeline Croker

Local 052
Committee Member

Dorinda Ainscough

Local 012
Staff Advisor

Diana Kee

Staff Admin

Ghanem AlAtasi

Committee news

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Duties of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee

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AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Occupational Heath & Safety Committee as follows:

The Occupational Health & Safety Committee shall:

  1. review the practices and procedures relating to the Occupational Health and Safety of the members of the Union;
  2. promote the Occupational Health and Safety education of the union members;
  3. ensure that the membership is informed of all relevant information on Occupational Health and Safety;
  4. promote any policy on Occupational Health and Safety as adopted by Convention;
  5. review and spearhead occupational health and safety legislation and regulations and lobby for positive change;
  6. draft policies, briefs and other presentations on issues of concern;
  7. initiate action and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions and education courses on issues of concern relating to Occupational Health and Safety and co-ordinate these with other committees and organizations; and
  8. regularly communicate with each Local’s elected Occupational Health and Safety liaison.

OHS Quick Reference Guide

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With the support of AUPE's Education Department, the OHS Committee is proud to offer all AUPE members three valuable new resources.

  1. The 8-minute animated orientation video, Being Your Local OHS Liaison
  2. OHS Quick Reference Guide
  3. OHS One-to-One Index Cards

This package helps members elected to the role of Local OHS Liaison understand and fulfill their duties.

It also makes suggestions how to go beyond basics. Any worker can use these resources to:

  • educate your co-workers about their safety rights
  • have organizing conversations with your fellow workers to act together about health and safety issues
  • brush up on how to hold your employer accountable under Alberta's health and safety legislation
  • explore resources to keep learning about workplace health and safety on your own

Rolyn Sumlak Award

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The Rolyn Sumlak Award honors members who show dedication in encouraging health and safety measures in the workplace. The winner of the award will be an example to other members in raising awareness of Occupational Health and Safety issues and strives for a higher standard in health and safety on the job.

The award is named for an AUPE member who was killed on the job while working for the government of Alberta and is presented each year at the union’s annual International Day of Mourning Ceremony to a deserving member.

The Committee shall make a final selection and notify the Local Chairpersons in mid April, with regards to the receipt and dispensation of their nominations.

Rolyn Sumlak Award - Past recipients

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Dorinda Ainscough, Local 012

Juanita Cozicar, Local 056
Wally Howe, Local 095
Brenda Lussier, Local 043

Christine Scotland, Local 005
Coralie Podealuk, Local 002

Stephen Caughie, Local 071
Jennifer Corkum, Local 046
Elizabeth Csernyanski, Local 049
Bowman Pringle, Local 003
Frank Snow, Local 052

Diana-Lee Erickson, Local 048
Judy Fader, Local 043
Oscar Steiner, Local 003
Dean Walker, Local 005

Norma Jones, Local 095

Karie Burchill, Local 006
John Jones, Local 057
Lindsay Logan, Local 060

Melanie Thompson, Local 054
Mark Ellis, Local 012

Roy Jackman, Local 003
Marjorie Hooker, Local 054

Wanda Parlin, Local 046
Michael Dyer, Local 004

Beverly Hill, Local 040
Larry Mydan, Local 002

Roseline Bouchie, Local 001
Barry Madsen, Local 071
Sharon MacLean, Local 043

Mary Franklin, Local 042
Hal Griffith, Local 003
Jim Wilson, Local 060

Karl Pederson, Local 004
Monte Bobinski, Local 003
Lorraine Ellis-Barnaby, Local 002

Tony Mah, Local 038
Joanne Spencer, Local 046
Rick Stewart, Local 005

Katherine Blake, Local 006
Ron Wright, Local 003

Roy Warnock, Local 071

Shirley Doerkson (in memoriam), Local 001
Coleen Young, Local 047

Marlene Belich, Local 002

Tracey Courtepatte, Local 049

Len Pederson, Local 002

Wesley Rusnell, Local 009

Michael Kennedy, Local 054

Mike Rennich, Local 003

Leane Lagasse, Local 001

Debbie Simmons, Local 009

Tony Banack, Local 003
Nola Hambleton, Local 001
Susan Sawchuk, Local 057

Ann Hamilton, Local 009
Stanley Tomlinson, Local 003

Dennis Mikalson, Local 012
Doug Moecki, Local 011

International Day of Mourning

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More than twenty years ago, the Canadian Labour Congress declared April 28 a National Day of Mourning for workers who have been killed, suffer disease or are injured at work. Every year since, union members throughout the world mark the Day of Mourning to remember workers killed and injured on the job, the impact on their friends, colleagues and family members, and to recommit themselves to fighting every day for workplace safety.

In 2009, AUPE unveiled a memorial sculpture dedicated to AUPE members killed or injured on the job. The sculpture portrays AUPE members and family from each of the unions’ four sectors gathered solemnly in remembrance around a miner’s lantern – a key symbol of safety and hope in the International Day of Mourning.

Each year, a poem is read at the Day of Mourning gathering. The poem was written in the memory of Rolyn Sumlak, who died Oct. 9, 1990, by his friend and AUPE Local 012 colleague Dennis Mikalsen. On Apr. 28,1996, AUPE Health and Safety Specialist Dennis Malayko had the honour of reading this poem at the United Nations as part of a two-person labour delegation.

Someone by Dennis Mikalsen

Someone died the other day,
An accident is what they say
The boom went up and hit the line
The medics came but not in time

How could it happen we stare and say
We practice safety every day
We grieve with the family and do our best
To help each other through this test

Suddenly emerged from unseen forts
Inspectors chastise and make reports
Where were they before the day
A safety hazard took a life away

In a hurry running late
Do it now or it can wait
But the works important
Priority one, we can do it , if we run

Need more training, that's "OK"
But it can wait for another day
What? Staff unhappy all will be well
When we hear from personnel

Safety's important, it's not a game
That was the line before the budget came
Reduce your workload that's not what we meant
When we cut staff by ten percent

The more we do the more needs done
Building empires is really fun
Do your work and really care
The more you do the better I fare

The death of our brother was tragic and wrong
But he cared and our memories will be cherished and long
With his passing, our brother left something to do
The torch has been passed to me and to you


OHS Committee

Occupational health and safety links and resources

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General links

2022 Rolyn Sumlak Award winners

Alberta Labour – Occupational Health and Safety

Alberta Labour OHS Guide for Young Workers

Alberta OHS Code Explanation Guide

Bloody Cells video

Canadian Centre for OH&S

Contact Alberta Labour Occupational Health Safety

EFAP Frequently Asked Questions – GOA

EFAP Information Page – GOA

Indoor Air Quality/Mould Guidelines 2014

International Labour Organization – UN

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – USA

Occupational Safety and Health Administration – US

Printer Toner health and safety information


Scent Awareness – AHS

Scent-Free Workplace Primer – GOA

Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta Workers Reporting

Workers Health Centre

Work Right from WorkSafe Alberta

OH&S legislation

Most employers and workers that AUPE represents are regulated under Provincial jurisdiction. Some employers, like Cargill, are regulated under Federal jurisdiction. If you are not sure which legislation you are regulated under, please contact your local OH&S committee.

Occupational Health and Safety Act – AB

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation – AB

Occupational Health and Safety Code – AB

Ticketing and Administrative Penalties – AB

Canada Labour Code Part II – Federal

OHS Programs

Occupational Health and Safety Programs are an important and developing tool for safer workplaces in Alberta. The Government of Alberta OHS Program for government worksites, implemented in April 2009, was the first comprehensive employer and employee developed program in Alberta. The purpose of any OH&S Program is to create safer, healthier workplaces for our members by giving staff and managers the information they require to create a consistent, code-compliant safety program.

Plans are moving forward for a Health Sector OH&S Program to ensure consistency in the hospitals and long-term care facilities. Lobbying for this program continues at this time, therefore no estimated implementation date is available.

Long Term Disability Insurance (GOA)

After an employee of the Government of Alberta has been off on general illness for a period of eighty (80) days, they could be found eligible for LTD benefits by the Plan Adjudicator (Great West Life). LTD benefits are 70 per cent of your salary at the start of general illness (see Article 33A of the Master Agreement). We would strongly recommend to allow time for processing, review and decision, that an application for LTD benefits be made in a timely fashion (as a guide approximately 30 days after being on general illness leave). The application form (Employee’s Statement) and the Notice of Appeal (in the event the application is denied or LTD benefits are discontinued) are now electronically available at the links below.

LTDI resource page – GOA

Return to Work Guidelines – GOA

Telecommuting Guidelines – GOA

Home-Office Safety Guidelines – GOA

Report an OHS issue

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OHS advocates should use the online health and safety issue reporting form to document OHS issues at their worksites.