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Committee contacts

Committee Chairperson

Guy Smith

Committee Member

Michael Larson

Committee Member

Karen Mann

Committee Member

Steven Eagles

Committee Member

Corine Heffernan

Committee Member

Jacob Cameron

Committee Member

Jessica Philp

Committee Member

Ron Fernandes

Committee Member

Paulette Gillespie

Staff Advisor

Gil Laflamme

Staff Admin

Tammy Lamoureux

Committee news

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Duties of the Legislative Committee

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AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Legislative Committee as follows:

The Legislative Committee shall:

  1. advise on questions relating to this Constitution;
  2. review from time to time the Constitution and the Policies of the Union and may recommend amendments thereto;
  3. recommend policies with respect to affiliations with other organizations;
  4. receive, process, and refer resolutions to the appropriate committee prior to Convention;
  5. review from time to time the Constitution of affiliate organizations and may recommend amendments;
  6. review all legislation affecting the operation of the Union or its members; and
  7. assist Components who wish to review the development and implementation of employer and Regulatory Board policies that affect the Union.


How-to guide for resolutions (for Convention)

Resolutions, the "How To" Guide

This is a how-to guide for chapters, locals and others on how to submit properly formatted resolutions for Convention (updated Jan. 2018)