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Time for Action Rallies - All details

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When we’re heading into a fight, it’s important to have allies. Whether you’re fighting against the privatization of your workplace, defending health care, or standing up for a more fair Alberta, there are lots of organizations in Alberta that can help. The organizations in the list below can conduct research, mobilize members of the public, provide training, and help your campaign connect with the community.  

These organizations are helping to bring more Albertans in to the fight to defend public services—that’s why AUPE is proud to support them financially and provide representatives to serve on their governing boards as decision makers. Once you’ve got your co-workers organized, start reaching out further! 

Labour Allies

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  • Aspen Foundation for Labour Education (AFLE): The AFLE provides resources for teachers and students to understand the importance of workers, unions, and social justice. They can provide speakers to educational events on request.  
  • Public Interest Alberta: Public Interest Alberta is an advocacy organization that works hard to make Alberta a more equal and fair province. It’s active in the fight for social justice, seniors' rights, child care accessibility, strong public education systems,  affordable housing and expanded public services. 
  • Parkland Institute: The Parkland Institute is an Alberta-wide research organization that is based in the University of Alberta. Their peer reviewed publications provide helpful arguments, backed by data, for workers defending good jobs and public services.  
  • Friends of Medicare: Friends of Medicare has been defending public health-care since 1979—engaging in effective campaigns that have repeatedly prevented government efforts to privatize health care.