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Committee Chairperson

Sandra Azocar

Local 006
Committee Member

Rita Bains

Local 002
Committee Member

Alicia Salon

Local 056
Committee Member

Cecilia Fernandes

Local 002
Committee Member

Pamela Foyle

Local 095
Committee Member

Julie Woodford

Local 054
Committee Member

Carol Mammel

Local 095
Staff Advisor

Sharleen Patterson

Staff Admin

Jami Payne

Committee news

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Prairie School for Union Women

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The AUPE Women’s Committee is excited to announce applications to attend the 2023 Prairie School for Union Women from June 12-15 in Saskatoon, Sask. are now open!

Once you have submitted your application, successful applicants will be contacted by the AUPE Women's Committee with further instruction and information, following the application deadline. The deadline to be considered is April 14, 2023 at 4:30 p.m.   

For those who are attending and sponsored by their Local or other affiliate, please contact that person to find out how to apply.

The Prairie School for Union Women offers trade union women an intensive four days of ­learning and sharing in a supportive environment. The goals of the school are to develop ­women’s personal and leader­ship skills and to build ­solidarity among women workers. Whether you are a woman who is a long-time activist or just starting to get involved in your union, this school is open to you.

Submit your application today

For more information about the SFL 2023 Prairie School for Union Women, download the brochure

Duties of the Women's Committee

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AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Women’s Committee as follows:

The Women’s Committee shall:

  1. educate and promote awareness to the members and the public on equality, discrimination, current and related issues especially as they relate to women;
  2. encourage and support involvement of Women in Union activities, events and educational;
  3. promote involvement and support by AUPE members-at-large and communities of women’s issues;
  4. co-operate with, liaise with, and lobby other organizations and various levels of government addressing women’s issues;
  5. prepare and present policies, briefs and information on issues of concern;
  6. initiate action and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions and educational courses on issues of concern to women and co-ordinate these with other committees and organizations; and
  7. establish a resource base on women’s issues including but not limited to, discrimination and equality.

Join the Fight to End Period Poverty!

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Paying for menstrual products can add up! 

In fact, one in three Canadians who need menstrual products struggle to afford them.

But the cost is even greater for people who menstruate when combined with systemic issues like low incomes, unaffordable housing, and economic instability.    

That’s why the AUPE Women’s Committee is fighting to End Period Poverty in Canada by:

  • Collecting menstrual products at AUPE meetings & events to donate to organizations that support vulnerable Albertans.
  • Lobbying AHS to make sure menstrual products are available at all AHS-funded health care facilities.
  • Pushing for legislation that will make period products free for all Canadians who need them.

DOVE Award

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Nominations for the DOVE Award closed at 12:00 p.m. on January 20, 2023