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Committee Chairperson

Susan Slade

Committee Member

Kysha Cleaver

Committee Member

Jessica Pope

Committee Member

Stephanie Stewart

Committee Member

Sarah Bound

Committee Member

Rita Bains

Committee Member

Carol Mammel

Committee Member

Corine Heffernan

Committee Member

Alicia Salon

Staff Advisor

Candice Feilberg

Staff Admin

Justine Leszczynski

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Duties of the Women's Committee

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AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Women’s Committee as follows:

The Women’s Committee shall:

  1. educate and promote awareness to the members and the public on equality, discrimination, current and related issues especially as they relate to women;
  2. encourage and support involvement of Women in Union activities, events and educational;
  3. promote involvement and support by AUPE members-at-large and communities of women’s issues;
  4. co-operate with, liaise with, and lobby other organizations and various levels of government addressing women’s issues;
  5. prepare and present policies, briefs and information on issues of concern;
  6. initiate action and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions and educational courses on issues of concern to women and co-ordinate these with other committees and organizations; and
  7. establish a resource base on women’s issues including but not limited to, discrimination and equality.

Prairie School for Union Women

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Prairie School for Union Women offers trade union women an intensive four days of learning and sharing in a supportive environment. The goals of the school are to develop women’s personal and leadership skills and to build solidarity among women workers. The school provides onsite childcare and is committed to child friendly attitudes.

Whether you are a woman who is a long time activist or just starting to get involved in your union, this school is open to you.

Prairie School for Union Women

Download the brochure for the 2020 Prairie School for Union Women

Course descriptions, general information, registration form

CLC - Betty Pickering Memorial Scholarship Opportunity

For the Prairie School for Union Women

DOVE Award

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Nominate a union sister today for the Women’s Committee annual Day of Validation and Equity (DOVE) Award!

Download the nomination form here.