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Committee Chairperson

Michael Dempsey

Staff Advisor

Ryan Breeden

Committee Member

Tyler Hardy

Committee Member

Prachi Mishra

Committee Member

James Gault

Committee Member

Janice Jamieson

Committee Member

Nancy Burton

Committee Member

Oscar Jara

Committee Member

Jennifer Power

Committee Member

Deanna Pawlak

Staff Admin

Tammy Tangedal

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Duties of the Committee on Political Action

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AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Committee on Political Action as follows:

The Committee on Political Action shall:

  1. review the social and political practices and interests of the Union and promote the education and social action of the members as they relate to the interests of the Union on matters of political concern;
  2. promote the union related political education of the membership;
  3. encourage and promote the social action and political participation of members in order to further the interests of the Union;
  4. act on behalf of members in matters of concern to them relating to the political process;
  5. recommend priorities from time to time for the Union’s activities in the area of political education; and
  6. shall actively pursue election reform to achieve a fair system of proportional representation for Alberta voters.