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Chartwell Emerald Hills non-monetary updates

Update for Local 047 Chapter 059, Chartwell Emerald Hills

Nov 30, 2022

Members concerns continue to fall on deaf ears

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Since our last update your negotiating team met with the employer on June 10 and October 5. We had planned for two other meetings in September and October, but they were cancelled by the employer.  

Our Chartwell Emerald Hills members have been concerned about short staffing, workload and parking (amongst other things), and these concerns continue to fall on deaf ears with the employer.   

Nevertheless, finalized collective agreements between AUPE and Chartwell at other sites have helped to move the bargaining process forward somewhat.   

We have signed off on the following non-monetary articles:  

Article 1 Definitions  
Article 2 partial Term, Copies and Application of the Collective Agreement  
Article 3 Management Rights  
Article 4 Union Security, Recognition and Rights  
Article 5 Dues Deduction  
Article 6 partial Union Representation   
Article 7 Workplace Privacy  
Article 8 Employer - Union Relations  
Article 9 Respectful Workplace - No Discrimination or Harassment  
Article 10 Occupational Health and Safety  
Article 12 Grievance Procedure  
Letter Of Understanding 1 Health Care Aides designated as Health Professionals  

We are awaiting Chartwell’s response on scheduling subsequent dates in the new year to complete discussions on non-monetary parts of the collective agreement.  

In the meantime, please remember to:  

  • Update your contact information with AUPE:
  • Know your rights! If you have any workplace concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Membership Services Officer  
  • Stay tuned for details of your Chapter’s Annual General Meeting in the New Year  
  • Get in touch with your bargaining committee or AUPE resource staff with any questions or feedback you may have about bargaining.   

AUPE Chartwell Emerald Hills Negotiating Committee    
Teresa Shesky  
780-240-6183 or 

Kayleigh McCaskill  
780-691-5808 or  

AUPE Resource Staff    
Merryn Edwards Negotiations 
780-952-1951 or 

Guy Quenneville, Membership Services Officer (MSO)  
780-237-8253 or 

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing 
403-634-8262 or 


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