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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details


Knowledge is power! Labour education at AUPE supports you in taking a stand for public services, decent jobs and fairness in the workplace and our communities. AUPE’s Education Program is responsible for developing and delivering continuing education courses and workshops to members and officers in support of the roles they perform in their Union. Access the AUPE learning and event registration tool below.

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AUPE learning and event registration tool

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AUPE offers courses to its members which are intended to increase the union’s presence at the workplace and represent our members’ interests more effectively.

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University credit transfer

AUPE's Education department provides members with a unique opportunity to use hours accumulated through AUPE courses toward certain post-secondary programs.

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Labour School

AUPE Labour School is an annual labour and union education training school for AUPE members who have completed other courses and are active in their component.

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Pension education sessions

AUPE, working with the APSC, offers pension information sessions to members to help them learn more about their pensions and help plan for retirement.