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Time for Action Rallies - All details

Committee contacts

Committee Chairperson

Darren Graham

Local 057
Committee Member

Alana Flynn

Local 052
Committee Member

Raminder Gill

Local 040
Committee Member

Gayle Berntson

Local 060
Committee Member

Andrew Wilson

Local 057
Committee Member

Tammy Paskuski

Local 053
Committee Member

Gayle Burkholder

Local 118
Committee Member

Edna Hickey

Local 045
Staff Advisor

Liliana Cordeiro

Staff Admin

Rocio Granados

Staff Admin

Ellen Anthony

Committee news

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Duties of the Pension Committee

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AUPE's Constitution sets out the duties of the Pension Committee as follows:

The Pension Committee shall:

  1. Inform - promote awareness to all members of the Union and the public on the issues relative to the committee mandates as identified in AUPE policy;

  2. Educate – advocate and promote for the general welfare of all members of the Union, including but not limited to training, information dissemination, and social action;

  3. Lobby – advocate all levels of government, other unions, organizations, federations, and the public for legislation addressing issues of concern, as required;

  4. Liaise – use a collaborative approach to communicate and coordinate actions of solidarity with other coalition groups, unions, and federations, including other Standing Committees, on issues of concern, as required;

  5. Research – utilize research initiatives to review and analyze various Acts, Legislations, Regulations, Statutes, and Law within the public and private sectors across Alberta and other jurisdictions; and

  6. Action – initiate action by spearheading positive reform through the preparation of recommendations, policies, briefs and information on issues of concern.

Pension Board members representing AUPE

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Darren Graham, LAPP Sponsor Board Member 
Terry Agoto, LAPP Corporate Board Member  
Mike Dempsey, PSPP Sponsor Board Member
Jason Heistad, PSPP Sponsor Board Member 
Justin Huseby, PSPP Sponsor Board Member 
Liliana Cordeiro, PSPP Corporate Board Member  
David Lardner, PSPP Corporate Board Member  
Jan Goodwin, PSPP Corporate Board Member

Photo of all Pension Committee members.


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Q: Where can I find personal information about my pension?

A: Members should go to their own pension plan to answer questions such as:

  • When do I have to retire?
  • What is the 85 factor?
  • What is a cost of living adjustment (COLA)?
  • What are my retirement options?
  • How can I receive a pension estimate?
  • Can I receive a pension before age 65?

Q: What does AUPE’s Standing Committee on Pensions do?

A: Generally speaking, the Pension Committee represents AUPE members on all questions relating to the protection and enhancement of their pensions. Certain members of the committee or AUPE sit on the boards of the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP) and the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP). The committee also has a number of specific duties assigned by AUPE’s Convention and Provincial Executive.

Q: Who may become a member of the committee? How do I become a member of the Pension Committee?

A: Any AUPE member in good standing who has the approval of the President of AUPE can be appointed to the Pension Committee. Candidates for membership on the committee should have a strong interest in pension issues, sufficient time to commit to attend committee meetings and a willingness to pitch in and work hard. If you are interested in membership on this committee, you should write a letter or email to the President of AUPE, expressing your interest and giving reasons why you think you would be a good candidate. The selection is made by the President, with the advice of the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, who is the Chair of this committee. Applicants for positions on this committee need to remember that many members are interested in this important volunteer job and that only a few can be appointed. All expressions of interest are gratefully received.

Q: Are all AUPE members participants in the same pension plan?

A: No. The largest number of AUPE members are enrolled in either the LAPPor the PSPP. Some other AUPE members have other pension arrangements. Click here to go to the PSPP and LAPP websites.

Q: Does AUPE have representation on the boards of pension plans in which its members are enrolled?

A: AUPE has representatives on the boards of the LAPP and the PSPP.

Defend your Canada Pension Plan!

Defend your Canada Pension Plan

AUPE members are alarmed by Premier Danielle Smith’s proposal to pull out of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Members know that we deserve pensions that work for us, not the risky and expensive political games required to leave the CPP.
Your AUPE Pensions Committee hears your concerns loud and clear. We have created this campaign letter to help you stand up for your pensions.

Click here to fill out and email the campaign letter to Premier Smith and opposition leader Rachel Notley.
Send a strong message to the politicians. They need to know how important the Canada Pension Plan is to working Albertans!