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CBI Home Health: We’ve reached a TA with significant wage increases

Update for Local 047 Chapter 008, CBI Home Health

Sep 14, 2023

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Your negotiating team is pleased to announce that on September 9 we reached a tentative agreement with CBI that brings in significant wage increases and other improvements.

An overview of all the major changes as well as the full memorandum of settlement is available below for download as well as a quick summary here.

Wage Increases

Wage increases will vary depending on date of hire and hours worked, but the range is between 3.6% to 8% for HCAs and over 15% for LPNs upon ratification (above the previous wage adjustment of 3% last February), with future increases of 1% in both 2024 and 2025. In fact, the percentage increases are much higher when just comparing wages, but the documents below explain that some of these increases come from rolling premiums and allowances that are only currently applicable to some members into the wage scale for all members. Members will also be eligible for a lump sum amount of approximately 1% for hours worked prior to ratification.

Regularizing Status

Currently, CBI treats all employees as “casuals,” but the new agreement recognizes lodge employees as regular employees and also brings in guaranteed hours positions in the community. Hours in these positions could not be reduced except through the layoff procedure, which would provide job security especially for senior employees.

Other Monetary

Other monetary improvements include: a higher weekend premium ($0.75 vs. $0.25 currently), improved sick leave (40 hours vs. 30 currently, with the ability to carryover up to 64 hours), overtime after 12 hours/day or 44 hours/week (vs. after 264 hours/month currently), increased vacation after 8 years of employment, 5 days paid bereavement leave, improved pay for named holidays, and improved mileage for community employees working in rural areas. It also provides for future negotiations for a night shift premium for overnight workers.

Non-monetary improvements

In addition to putting more money in your pockets, the agreement contains many improvements to other areas of the collective agreement such as: limits on requiring proof of illness and greater transparency about sick leave and other leave entitlements, better ways to get union information to members, the ability to request longer leaves of absence, and processes to address concerns such as health and safety or discrimination and harassment.


Thank you to members for your continued support and engagement through this long bargaining process. However, the process is not over yet, and we still need your voice!

This agreement will not be in place unless members vote to ratify it. The negotiating team recommends members vote in favour of this agreement.

The ratification vote will be held online, so it is imperative that we have your up-to-date personal email address. Members can update their personal information at

We will be holding a Question and Answer session ahead of the vote. All members are encouraged to attend to find out more and ask any questions you may have. You can attend in person at AUPE or online if that is more convenient.

Ratification Question and Answer Meeting

Wednesday, September 20 at 7pm


Tina Laforce, Chair or 587-335-2292

Susan Kyle or 780-984-8355

Bobbie Narayan or 587-501-2071


Jean Lehune or 780-221-4080

Rachel Daroka or 780-893-1772


Merryn Edwards, Negotiations or 780-952-1951

Tracy Noble, Organizing or 306-304-2859


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