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Revera McConachie Gardens: A first agreement is in place

Update for Local 047 Chapter 058, Revera McConachie Gardens

Sep 14, 2023

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We are disappointed with the outcome but we will fight to enforce the agreement’s awards.

In arbitration, last April, your negotiating team vigorously argued that the arbitrator should consider a range of factors when determining compensation for the workers of Revera McConachie Gardens. It is our strongly held position that workers’ experience during the Covid-19 pandemic, the current economic situation and rising inflation, coupled with the current government surplus, very low unemployment and short staffing in health care should weigh heavily in an arbitrator’s decisions about the monetary value of this work.  

We are very disappointed that our argument was not given more weight, as the decision focusses primarily on agreements already in place at other Revera worksites. More frustrating is that what is awarded to McConachie workers in this decision even falls short of what is contained in some other agreements. For instance, our proposal for a large salary increase after five years of employment was denied, despite the fact that such increases are already in place for workers at Revera River Ridge. 

There are still positive outcomes contained in the agreement – for instance, in the article pertaining to seniority. We also acknowledge areas in the agreement that are at least standard – for example, that workers will be paid if they are expected to remain available for recall during their breaks. Your negotiating team is aware that many employers in health care settings try to ignore these provisions, and we are ready to fight to enforce this language. 

Additionally, now that this first agreement is in place, much of the uncertainty surrounding the sale of McConachie to Cogir will be alleviated, as the new employer will have to recognize this agreement. 

At the end of this long process, we remain thankful to the members and worksite negotiating team for their determination throughout, and impressed by the testimony they gave at the hearings about their working conditions. It is vindicating that this testimony is now on public, legal record in these arbitration decisions. This testimony offers a dignified and accurate representation of what the reality is for workers in health care.  

Below is a summary of the agreement. 


Seniority for regular employees will be determined by date of hire (not hours worked) and backdated to original hire date if transferring from a casual/temporary position to a regular position. This will include pre-certification hours.  



*where majority of hours are worked during the below periods 

  • Weekday evening - $1.50 premium, increasing to $2 December 31, 2023 
  • Weekday night - $2.00 premium, increasing to $2.50 December 31, 2023  
  • Weekend day - $1.50 premium, increasing to $2.00 December 31, 2023  
  • Weekend evening - $2.50 premium, increasing to $3.00 December 31, 2023  
  • Weekend night - $3.00 premium, increasing to $3.25 December 31, 2023  


*all hours worked during the below periods 

  • Evening/night (7 PM-7 AM) - $1.00 premium 
  • Weekend - $1.50 premium 


Based on date of hire, vacation days accrue as follows: 

  • 1-4 years – 4% (10 days) 
  • 5-7 years – 6% (15 days) 
  • 8+ years – 8% (20 days)  

Days cannot be banked for part-time employees. 


Current benefits stay the same. 

Sick Leave 

  • Full time – 75 hours 
  • Part time – 37.5 hours 

Unused sick days cannot be carried over. 


Effective December 31, 2023, the employer will match employee contributions up to 2% of regular earnings.   

Wage Increases 

  • Jan. 1, 2021 – 1.75% 
  • Jan. 1, 2022 – 1.75% 
  • Jan. 1, 2023 – 1.25% 

Wage Table

This agreement expires at the end of this year, and we will be back to bargaining to push for the gains that weren’t achieved in this round.  

We know that many members will be very disappointed with this outcome. What this decision does not acknowledge is that McConachie and other similar worksites are already seeing high turnover in their staff, and we can expect that this result will further destabilize the staffing situation in these settings.   

For those who may decide to leave following this result, we are asking that you please reach out to a member of the negotiating team to let us know what brought you to take that action. 

A copy of the arbitrator’s decision is attached to this update. 


Ruthessa (Tessa) Chua 587-340-0260 

Mimi Manirampa 587-545-4010 

Corrina May Ominayak 780-340-9054 

Mary Symborski 403-483-1216 


Merryn Edwards, Negotiations 780-952-1951 

Guy Quenneville. Membership Services Officer 780-237-8253 

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing 403-634-8262 


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