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Rapid Progress and Anticipated Slow Down

Bargaining Update for Revera River Ridge Local 047 Chapter 052

May 27, 2022

Non-monetary Items Resolved and Monetary Proposals Exchanged

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Your negotiating team is pleased to report that bargaining has been progressing at a good pace and the employer has been receptive and engaged in hearing our asks. Over the course of three days, significant progress has been made. 

Two of the three days were dedicated to non-monetary negotiations. Though the employer’s incoming proposal had minimal details, they have proposed changes to LOA language that your negotiating team is currently reviewing. Surprisingly, we have been able to quickly agree on most of our non-monetary asks including: 

  • Article 7 - enhanced training language 
  • Article 8 – increased orientations shifts 
  • Article 18 – codifying the vacation year from Jan 1st to December 31 

The third day of negotiations saw us exchanging monetary proposals. Thanks to your responses to the survey issued late last year, your negotiating team had a solid foundation on which to base our asks. Our proposal includes increases to most monetary items including shift differentials, overtime compensation, sick and vacation leave entitlements and salary increases. Despite the quick resolution to non-monetary items, your negotiating team anticipates resistance to these monetary demands. We remain committed to bringing compensation in line with other workplaces in the sector.  

Bargaining will continue June 9, after which your negotiating team will share further updates. As always, please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.  


Jessica Eldridge 

Nicole Nielson 

Brenda Hennebury 


Christian Tetreault Negotiations 

Michelle Szalynski Organizing 

Kavi Chahal Communications 

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