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Canterbury Foundation: Monetary Negotiations at a Crossroads

Bargaining Update for Canterbury Foundation All Staff Local 047 Chapter 013

May 31, 2022

Update on wage top-up disbursement and wage and benefits negotiations

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We met with the employer on April 5 and May 11 - 12 to bargain monetary items. We were able to reach agreement on dispersal of HCA $2/hr pandemic wage top-up but bargaining on wages and benefits is at a near impasse. 

Part of Canterbury’s salary proposal focused on the pandemic pay wage top-up for Home Care Aides (HCAs) funded by Alberta Health Services. 

However, because this wage top up is fully funded by AHS, we agreed to separate it out from bargaining. We agreed on a formula for dispersing those funds to Canterbury HCAs, who have been waiting a long time for that top-up while other HCAs across the province have already been receiving it for quite some time.  

(Please see more detailed information in the attachments below about the HCA top-up, as well as an update on the process to offer full-time and larger FTE part-time positions.) 

Canterbury presented their monetary offer on April 5th and improved it slightly on May 11. They told us that their finances would not allow them to make more significant improvements, although they acknowledged that the benefit coverage, for example, does fall below what other seniors’ care employers provide.  

We responded by narrowing our proposals for increased compensation, but we stressed that members are feeling pinched by rising costs of living and expect to see monetary improvements that acknowledge our hard work throughout the pandemic. We strongly encouraged Canterbury to invest in their staff, just like they have been investing in improving the building and furniture. (See below for a comparison of the union and employer’s last positions).  

We will meet again with Canterbury on July 26 and 27, after they have had an opportunity to meet with AHS regarding their funding and with Sun Life to seek more information on the cost of benefit improvements.  

If we cannot agree on a fair settlement at that time, the next step would be to pause negotiations until an Essential Services Agreement (ESA) is in place. An ESA is required by law before we can proceed to further steps like mediation, strike or lockout, or potential arbitration. This process can mean lengthy delays, although it could be a more effective way of bringing compensation at Canterbury closer to industry standards for seniors' care and other health care workers.  

Membership Meeting  

We need your input!  

Bargaining is at a crossroads, and we need to hear from members about what our next steps should be.  

Your negotiating team will be reaching out to members one on one to explain our current situation and answer any questions you may have.  

It is also important that all members make every effort to attend an upcoming meeting to discuss our next steps together. Please stay tuned for details!  

That meeting will be crucial to providing your negotiating team with the direction we need to communicate to our employer.  

Please take the time to understand the issues and come to the meeting to decide our next steps together! 

If you have any questions, please contact a member of your negotiating team or AUPE Resource Staff. 



Violeta Catungal or 587-974-7709 

Phoebe Burton or 780-614-4558 

Mina Cadoyac or 780-729-9065 

Brianna Delaney (Alternate) or 780-782-0780 


Merryn Edwards Negotiations or 780-952-1951 

Michelle Szalynski Organizing or 403-634-8262 

Alexander Delorme Communications 

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