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Time for Action June Town Halls - All details

Covenant Care: Slow start in latest meetings

Your team met with the employer on March 18 & 19 to continue bargaining.

Apr 12, 2024

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Your team met with the employer on March 18 & 19 to continue bargaining. 

We wanted to move forward with previous discussions and focus on the issues that matter to you. Unfortunately, the employer spent most of the first day doing a lot of talking and making little progress. We have not yet had in-depth discussions about wages and job security—those conversations will come in future meetings. We are eager to start talking about how we can address the current cost of living together.  

At our last meetings, we asked the employer to prepare to follow up with us on some simple items. However, when we met this time, the employer told us they needed even more time. Our proposals would have solved the issues they needed more time for, but the employer disregarded them. The employer must treat members at all worksites respectfully, and our proposals would address the current inconsistencies across sites. 

Several of your team members voiced their frustrations over the employer’s disregard for our proposals and perspectives. We deserve respect at the bargaining table, just as all members deserve respect from the employer. 

However, we did make some small progress and kept up our momentum.  


Below is the progress we made despite the rough start. 

We secured the right for all members to wear scrubs at St. Teresa Place and Holy Cross Manor. 

We discussed fair procedures for offering additional shifts, which would help eliminate favouritism. We also discussed more transparency for dealing with emergent shifts and preventing staff shortages. The longest conversation at the table was about your extended work hours. 

We are close to finalizing most non-monetary articles of the new agreement. 

Next steps 

We are scheduled to meet with the employer again in June. This will give Covenant Care lots of time to review proposals regarding money and benefits.  

Your team will send you a benefits survey soon. We want to hear about your priorities and the issues that matter to you. Please respond to this survey so we can effectively negotiate on your behalf. 

Please contact a member of your negotiating team if you have any questions. Ensure AUPE has your current contact information by visiting  


Chateau Vitaline   

Kelsey Knibbs or 780-915-1532   

Junel Samalio or 780-994-1312   

Filma Casimero or 780-885-5540  

Foyer Lacombe  

Nancy Alexander or 780-974-9608  

Ravi Sodhi or 780-695-9176  

Finuela Barnachea or 780-566-1297  

Holy Cross Manor  

Mila Bulan or 587-229-9379  

Delia Dutin or 403-922-7290   

Heloise Mariano or 403-891-9981  

St. Marguerite Manor   

Tory Meyer (Dulcina) or 403-401-3549   

Amanda Larocque or 403-681-7461   

Victor Ulici or 403-400-3376  

St. Teresa Place  

Lorna Agustin or 403-667-7013   

Lea Hibbs or 403-606-1583   

Carolee Taylor or 587-700-6193  

St. Thomas   

Cristine Manalayasay or 780-920-7188   

Fatuma Egamusa or 780-240-8101   

Bibata Rouamba or 780-668-2164  

Villa Marie   

Charmie Liquit or 587-877-4759   

Nancy Lydom or 403-872-6518   

Jose Gallardo or 587-447-7643  



Christian Tetreault 

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