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Chartwell Griesbach & Heritage Valley: Bargaining has reached impasse

Update for Local 047 Chapter 054, Chartwell Griesbach & Heritage

Oct 03, 2023

We are working to get an ESA in place

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On September 27, the employer came back to the table with another disappointing counteroffer on the remaining monetary items. While most of the non-monetary items have been resolved, the gap between our monetary expectations and those of the employer remains wide.

The employer maintains that the first agreement, which was reached through arbitration, contains items that are “too rich,” and they refused to provide better entitlements to members.

Their unmoving positions, which your negotiating team find unacceptable, are as follows:

  • The employer offered only meager wage increases of 1.5% in 2022 and 1.25% in 2023.
  • The employer’s approach to premiums was a two-tiered premium schedule, whereby LPNs and HCAs would receive a $0.10 per hour increase on evening shift premiums, and $0.15 per hour increase on night and weekend premiums. For all other classifications, they proposed an increase of $0.05 on all premiums. Additionally, they maintain a position that premiums cannot be stacked where more than one applies.
  • The employer is opposed to improving sick leave entitlements from the current accrual of 3.75 hours per month to a maximum bank of 345 hours.
  • While the employer offered to add one additional day of bereavement leave for an immediate family member, they did so only in exchange for removing one day of bereavement leave for a close friend.
  • The employer refused to agree to appropriate compensation for employees attending a joint occupational health and safety committee meeting, despite the fact that this proposal only reflects current practices at the worksites.
  • The employer offered slight improvements to the health benefits plan: an increase from 50% to 60% for the employer-paid portion of premiums; an increase from 60% to 65% in supplementary health co-pay; an increase from 50% to 60% in dental co-pay; and the introduction of a vision care plan of $175 every 24 months.

The parties have reached an impasse. Your negotiating team is working to get an Essential Services Agreement in place to determine next steps.


Kathleen Cariaga-Estepa, Chapter chair

Rosemarie Isaak

Ana Rose Retazo


Dale Perry, Negotiations

Prisca Ryan, Negotiations

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing


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