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Well Being Services Monterey: We have applied for mediation

Update for Local 048 Chapter 006, Well Being Services Monterey

Oct 03, 2023

Our next bargaining dates have been scheduled

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Your negotiating team is making progress as we continue to negotiate your new collective agreement. We met with the employer on June 26, August 1 and September 6 and we are pleased to report that bargaining is drawing closer to a settlement. The result of these meetings is that the employer has agreed to most of our monetary proposals, which demand that the employer meet the Alberta Health Services wage and Covid-lump-sum patterns.

Although we are making significant gains at the bargaining table, several of our key demands have not been appropriately addressed by the employer. In light of these outstanding issues, we applied for a mediator to be assigned to our file.

On September 20, Mediator Rick Wilson was assigned to assist with negotiations. On September 25, your negotiating team met to review the employer’s most recent proposals. We will respond to their proposal at our next bargaining dates which are set to take place October 12 and 13.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of your negotiating team.


Cassandra Saleh or 403-689-5888

Maggie Junio or 403-975-9760

Rosalie Valenzuela or 403-464-9108


James Mitchell, Negotiations

Stephanie Stewart, Organizer

Pachi Mishra, MSO


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