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Bethany of Camrose refuses to table appropriate offer

Update for Local 047 Chapters 002, 047

Jan 13, 2023

We’re applying for voluntary mediation

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When your negotiating team met with the employer earlier this week, it became perfectly clear that they are unwilling to come to the table with an offer that recognizes your value and worth as employees.

Even as the employer struggles to retain staff and is forced to use agency workers, they fail to see that their poor treatment of staff, reflected in their position at the bargaining table, is directly behind their inability to keep workers in their employ. It wasn’t too long ago that Bethany was publicly applauding their health care “heroes” but are now treating them like zeroes. You deserve better.

You work hard and provide tremendous care to the residents. These past few years have seen you come to work under the most difficult circumstances, putting yourself and your families at risk. The employer refuses to recognize that you deserve pay and benefits that are in line with others doing the same work so we’re applying for voluntary mediation. An independent third party will take into consideration other agreements that have been reached, something the employer has refused to do. We think this is our best chance at reaching an agreement that fairly compensates you for the important work that you do.

We will be reaching out to members to discuss our next steps and holding meetings to keep you all updated. Stay tuned for further details.

We’ll keep you posted as the voluntary mediation process unfolds. Remember that your current collective agreements remain in effect. If you’re having problems at work, please talk to a Union Steward or reach out to AUPE’s Members’ Resource Centre at 1-800-232-7284 and they will put you in touch with your Membership Services Officer.

In the meantime, please reach out to a member of your negotiating team if you have any questions.

Bethany Nursing Home of Camrose - Tri-Lodges, 047/002 & 047

Theresa Lowther

Cynthia Ross

Shauna Buist

Bethany Nursing Home of Camrose - Rosehaven/ LTC, 047/002

Cheryl Blumhagen

Lois Webb

Graham Yourston

Bethany Nursing Home of Camrose – Wetaskiwin Homecare, 047/002

Tracy Pepin

Adrianna Mehle



Chris Dickson, Negotiations

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing

Mimi Williams, Communications

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