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Work has already begun: AUPE appoints standing committee chairs

Members have until Dec. 31 to apply to serve

Dec 22, 2021

Members have until Dec. 31 to apply to serve

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The year 2022 will bring many challenges and opportunities to members of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE), but work has already begun to face those challenges and take advantage of these opportunities.

Much of that work is undertaken by the union’s 13 standing committees. New leaders have now been chosen to head those committees.

Meanwhile, applications to serve on those committees is still open to members. You have until Dec. 31 to apply and can do so here.

A new inclusive selection process has been put in place. You can read about it here.

Here are the standing committees and their chairs, appointed by AUPE’s Executive Committee:

  • Anti-Privatization Committee: Darren Graham
  • Committee on Political Action: Mike Dempsey
  • Environmental Committee: James Sullivan
  • Finance Committee: Jason Heistad
  • Human Rights Committee: Bobby-Joe Borodey
  • Legislative Committee: Guy Smith
  • Members' Benefits Committee: Justin Huseby
  • Membership Services Committee: Susan Slade
  • Occupational Health & Safety Committee: Bonnie Gostola
  • Pay and Social Equity Committee: Sandra Azocar
  • Pension Committee: Jason Heistad
  • Women's Committee: Sandra Azocar
  • Young Activists Committee: Peter Steward

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  • Anti-privatization committee
  • Political action committee
  • Environmental committee
  • Finance committee
  • Human rights committee
  • Legislative committee
  • Members' benefits committee
  • Membership services committee
  • Pay and social equity committee
  • Pension committee
  • Women's committee
  • Young activists committee

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