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Supporting AUPE Members in AHS General Support Services

Bargaining Update: AHS General Support Services, Locals: 054, 056, 057, 058, 095, and Lamont Health Care Centre GSS

Feb 26, 2021

Prepared for the future

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Your AHS General Support Services negotiating team met on Feb. 18 and 19 to prepare for what we expect next in bargaining and how we can continue to support you through the challenges ahead. 

We are determined to fight for a new, improved collective agreement that makes work and life better for all of us. Your negotiating team is here to support you and all AHS GSS members. 

Each one of us owes a debt to the AUPE members who came before us. They fought for many of the benefits we take for granted today, such as sick time, vacation time, maternity leave, workplace health and safety protections, pensions and more! It’s up to us to build on that and create an even better Alberta for everyone. 

Support for AUPE AHS GSS members 

Our strength comes from working together and from the benefits we gained for ourselves by belonging to one big union family. 

As an AUPE member, you have many benefits and supports available because of your union membership. Please take advantage of the benefits and services available to you, including: 

Your AUPE membership also entitles you to free counselling if you are experiencing intense anxiety or vulnerability due to traumatic or crisis events occurring at work. If that sounds like what you’re experiencing, call AUPE’s Crisis Support Service at 1-844-744-7026. After an initial assessment to ensure that your crisis is related to workplace events, you will receive up to six counselling sessions per crisis. 

Morneau Shepell (Formerly Solareh), a mental health counselling organization, provides this service completely free and confidential to AUPE members. Crisis support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. 

Sign up for AHS GSS news and updates 

Our power comes from us acting collectively. And the more we strengthen our solidarity and stay informed, the more powerful we’ll be. AHS GSS members and our colleagues have persevered through many challenges this past year, and we will make it through the rest of this pandemic if we stick together. 

Make sure you receive all our AHS GSS updates, as well as other major AUPE news. Create your own personal MyAUPE account today. You will need a MyAUPE account to participate in this year’s annual general meetings and elections, so be sure to sign up if you’re feeling motivated to get more involved in our union. 

Please talk to your negotiating team members or AUPE resource staff if you have any questions. Contact your Local’s negotiating representatives to see how you can get involved and make sure you and your co-workers are informed. We are here to support you! 

AHS GSS Negotiating Team  

Local 054 

Julie Woodford -   

Charity Hill (A) - 

Local 056   

Deborah Nawroski –   

Tammy Lanktree (A) – 

Local 057   

Darren Graham -   

Wendy Kicia (A) -  

Local 058   

Anton Schindler -   

Dave Ibach (A) -  

Local 095   

Stacey Ross -   

Dusan Milutinovic (A) -  

Lamont Health Care Centre GSS  

Jessica Kroeker -  

Carol Palichuk - 


AUPE Resource Staff for AHS GSS  

Chris Dickson, Lead Negotiator -   

Jason Rattray, Negotiator -   

Farid Iskandar, Organizer -   

Kate Jacobson, Organizer -   

Alexander Delorme, Communications - 

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  • 054 - AHS Edmonton Zone GSS
  • 056 - AHS North Zone GSS
  • 057 - AHS Central Zone GSS
  • 058 - AHS Southern Zone GSS
  • 095 - AHS Calgary Zone GSS


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