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Bargaining Update: Strathcona County Local 118/009

Bargaining resumes for AUPE members working for Strathcona County

Feb 26, 2021

Bargaining Resumes

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Your negotiating team met with the employer on February 18 and 19. We presented full responses to all the employer’s proposals, and agreed to the following: 


Article 24 – Vacation Leave (We clarified that employees who get vacation paid on every cheque can still take unpaid vacation time.) 

Article 26 - Liaison Committee (We removed the information about job descriptions and classifications, which will each be addressed in different sections of the next agreement.)  

We also renewed the following, with minor housekeeping changes: 

Article 15 - Layoff and Recall  

Article 19 - Employee Allowances  

We deleted the following Letters of Understanding (LOU), as they are not needed or will be addressed within other areas of the next agreement: 

  • Level 1 of the Grievance Procedure 

  • Casual Vehicle Transporter 

  • Vacation 

  • Administrative Changes to the Collective Agreement 

We also created a new Resignation article and agreed to use gender neutral language for the next contract. 

Next bargaining dates 

We are scheduled to resume bargaining with the employer on March 15, 16, and 22. 

Remember, your negotiating team is here to represent you! We’ll keep you informed throughout the bargaining process. Visit to make sure you receive our bargaining update and other important union news, like notifications for your upcoming virtual annual general meetings and elections. 

Please reach out to your negotiating team or AUPE resource staff if you have any questions about bargaining.  

Strathcona County Negotiating Team 

Derek Probst,  

Curtis Hopkins, 780-863-6811 (cell),  

Lynda Hajas, 780-668-3527 (cell),  

Darcy Hajas, 780-803-2170 (cell),  

AUPE Resource Staff 

Merryn Edwards, Negotiator, 780-952-1951 or  

Tracy Noble, Organizer 306-304-2859  

Alexander Delorme, Communications  

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