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Staffing Changes at AHS Handed Down without Union Consultation

AHS announced approx. 39 GSS workers would be moved to positions reporting to the GOA Department of Health

Feb 09, 2024

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Alberta Health Services (AHS) announced that approximately 39 General Support Services (GSS) workers employed with AHS would be moved to positions reporting to the Government of Alberta in the Department of Health. AHS did not advise AUPE that they would be making this announcement. 

AUPE had received some very limited preliminary information prior to this announcement. AUPE is currently in the process of making further inquiries and evaluating the information as it becomes available.  

The Government and AHS’s failure to deal with AUPE openly makes it extremely difficult to update the membership in this matter. 

Regardless, AUPE members are protected under provisions of labour legislation and the Employer must comply with the provisions of the existing collective agreements.  

Each of the affected members will be contacted by a Membership Services Officer (MSO) to ensure that they are aware of their rights and are supported through this process. 

Members of AUPE are not trading cards, they are hardworking Albertans that deserve consideration. We will continue to monitor this situation and update members as new information becomes available.  

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