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AHS Nursing Care: Bargaining for your new contract will begin soon

Update for Locals 041, 043, 044, 045 & 046 - AHS NURSING CARE

Feb 06, 2024

Your survey answers have shown us what you want to see

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Thanks to nursing-care members submitting bargaining surveys, your negotiating team has a clear picture of your priorities for the next collective-bargaining agreement with Alberta Health Services (AHS).
We have contacted the employer and set up dates to begin bargaining.

  • March 13, 14 (We will exchange the ingoing proposals on March 13);
  • April 17, 18; and
  • April 24, 25.

Meanwhile, the negotiating committee is continuing to work on proposals based on your feedback. We held two days of meetings on Jan. 30 and 31. We will meet again on Feb. 12 and 13.
We are doing a thorough review of the collective agreement to ensure that your new contract addresses your priorities, including staffing levels/workload, scope of practice and total compensation.
On Feb. 13, we will also be meeting with the AUPE negotiating team representing AHS General Support Services (GSS) members.
With these two groups of members heading into bargaining at the same time, it’s important to build solidarity and to support each other. Between the two groups, we have more than 42,000 members. We are stronger when we work together.
If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact a member of your negotiating team.
Local 041
Christine Vavrik
Mellissa Bremner (alt)
Local 043  
Sandy Miller 

Jennifer Power (alt)

Local 044
Marg Miller
Jesse Philp (alt)
Local 045
Nancy Burton
Angela Smyth (alt)
Local 046
Marty Roy
Heather Stewart (alt)

Kate Robinson Lead negotiator
Chris Dickson Negotiator

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  • 041 - AHS South Zone ANC
  • 043 - AHS North Zone ANC
  • 044 - AHS Central Zone ANC
  • 045 - AHS Calgary Zone ANC
  • 046 - AHS and Covenant Edmonton Zone ANC


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