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Rosedale Partnership: mediators recommendations have been ratified

Update for Local 047 Chapter 055, Rosedale Partnership

Nov 23, 2022

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We’re pleased to report that you voted to ratify the mediator's recommendations on Rosedale Partnership’s tentative agreement and so has the employer. This tentative agreement will be in effect until November 2025.

This Collective Agreement was a long time coming and required enhanced mediation to get you what we believe is a fair deal.

We’ll now work on finalizing the collective agreement and will send you the final Collective Agreement shortly.

The draft agreement can be found here.

AUPE Negotiating Team – Rosedale Partnership
Nimbel Lagenio

Eugene Galliguez

Geraldine Sagalla

AUPE Resource Staff
Kate Robinson Negotiations

Guy Quenneville Membership Services Officer

Jaime Urbina Organizer

Mimi Williams Communications

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