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Points West Living - Stettler: Employer appoints new spokesperson

Update for Local 047, Chapter 012

Aug 24, 2023

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As mentioned in the last bargaining update, your negotiating team engaged with the employer over a span of five days in June. During those meetings, the employer's spokesperson showed resistance to even the slightest adjustments and dismissed our monetary proposals.  

However, your negotiating team is excited to inform you that there has been a positive development: the former spokesperson has departed from the organization. 

We have had the opportunity to meet the new employer spokesperson, and their approach has been quite encouraging.  

They have committed to a comprehensive review of all our proposals and have conveyed their intention to provide a response in the coming weeks.  

Once your negotiating team receives their response, we will work on scheduling further discussions with the goal of reaching a tentative agreement that can be presented to you for a ratification vote. 

This shift in spokespersons marks a hopeful turning point, suggesting that our proposals will be given the attention they deserve, ultimately leading to a more equitable collective agreement for all.  

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to a member of your negotiating team or AUPE resource staff. 


Tracy Matchett  

Ella Henderson or 403-741-9877 

Natasha Hajdasz or 780-245-1814  


Christian Tetreault, Negotiator  

Maureen Mariampillai, Communications  

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