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Nominations Open for the AUPE Young Activists Committee’s RALY Award

Nominate an AUPE youth activist by July 1

Jun 01, 2023

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The Recognition of Activism Leadership (RALY) award is presented by the Young Activists Committee (YAC) to a young AUPE member to honour their contributions and recognize that they are the future of our movement. 

Deadline for nominations is July 1, 2023.  

Every day, young workers are fighting for their rights, supporting their comrades, and building power across the world. North America is seeing a resurgence of union activism led by young workers and AUPE members are proud to support and help build that momentum. Without young leaders growing and continuing the legacy of workers that came before them, AUPE and other unions would have no future.  

That is why the YAC created the RALY Award – to show members 30 years old or under that we see the significant contributions they are making to develop and advance young activists' participation within AUPE and within our communities. The award recognizes young members that go above and beyond when it comes to activism in the workplace.  

Nominations will be reviewed by the YAC and the award will be presented on August 12, International Youth Day.  

Nominate a young activist leader at  

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