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Time for Action Rallies - All details

Nominations Open for the Young Activists Committee RALY Award

Nominate an AUPE youth activist by July 10

Jun 13, 2024

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Every year, AUPE’s Young Activist Committee recognizes young activists in our union for contributions to their fellow members and the future of our movement.

Nominate a member for the Recognition of Activism Leadership (RALY) award by July 10, 2024.  

All members who are 30 years old and younger are eligible. You and your coworkers can nominate a young activist at

We count on young activists to carry on the tradition of union activism in Alberta. The award recognizes young members who go above and beyond—who fight for fair collective agreements, workplace health and safety, and the wellbeing of their fellow members.

That is why we created the RALY Award, to show members that their activism makes a difference.

The Young Activist Committee will announce the award winner on August 12, International Youth Day. The award presentation will take place at AUPE Convention in October.

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