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Lamont County Housing Foundation: Collective agreement ratified

Update for Local 047 Chapter 026, Lamont County Housing Foundation

Jan 23, 2023

You should see retroactive pay in the next pay period

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The votes have been counted and your negotiating team is pleased to report that you have ratified the tentative agreement put before you for a vote on Jan. 17, 2023.  

As mentioned in our Dec. 12, 2022 Bargaining Update, you will receive a COVID premium of one percent (1%) of all earnings for all hours worked in 2021 to be paid over the next two pay periods. A $500 (five hundred dollars) lump-sum payment for all current permanent full-time and part-time employees will also be paid. 

Effective Jan. 20, 2023, shift differential and weekend premiums will be as follows: 

  • Evening premiums - $2.25 
  • Night Premiums - $ 2.50 
  • Weekend premiums - $ 2.50 

Thank you again for your support and patience during bargaining. If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of your negotiating team. 

AUPE Negotiating Team - Lamont County Housing Foundation 

Ben Dubitz 

Laura Pederson

Cathy Dueck 

AUPE Staff Resources 

Chris Dickson, Negotiations

Tracy Noble, Organizing 

Mimi Williams, Communications 

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