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Canterbury Foundation Bargaining Update: Tentative Agreement reached!

Bargaining update for AUPE members working for Canterbury Foundation, Local 047 Chapter 013

Aug 03, 2022

Cast your vote on this tentative agreement on August 13

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Your negotiating team is pleased that we were able to reach a tentative agreement with our employer on July 27.

Although this agreement does not contain everything we were hoping for, Canterbury did increase their monetary offer and we believe that this is a fair settlement. As a result, your negotiating team is recommending that members vote in favour of ratifying this tentative agreement as our new collective agreement.

The ratification vote will take place on Saturday, August 13 from 2pm – 5pm
Laurier Heights Baptist Church
8505 142 Street NW

As you prepare to cast your ballot, please review the information and ask any questions you may have. The full tentative agreement as well as a summary of the changes it brings in are available below, and as always, please do not hesitate to contact a member of your negotiating team and AUPE resource staff with any questions or feedback you may have.  

We want to thank all the members for your patience and support throughout the bargaining process. We are always stronger together and we look forward to working in the future for greater improvements to recognize the important work we all do.


Violeta Catungal or 587-974-7709
Phoebe Burton or 780-614-4558
Mina Cadoyac or 780-729-9065
Brianna Delaney (Alternate) or 780-782-0780


Merryn Edwards Negotiations or 780-952-1951
Michelle Szalynski Organizing or 403-634-8262
Alexander Delorme Communications


The new agreement covers the period of January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2023 and brings in the following wage increases and lump sum payments.
January 1, 2021        HCA Lump Sum – 1%

            Non-HCA Lump Sum – 2%

January 1, 2022        1%

January 1, 2023        2%

Lump sum amounts and the January 1, 2022 1% increase will be retroactive on all hours worked during that time period and will be paid within two full pay periods following ratification.

Other monetary improvements include:
•    A commitment from Canterbury to revise master rotations for all departments to increase hours/Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) for members who want to work more regularly scheduled hours. This process began while negotiations were still ongoing, and the employer expects to finalize the new rotations in August.
•    Overtime (Article 15) – Overtime on a paid holiday will increase to triple time (3X)
•    Premium Differentials (Article 17)
o    Night rises from $2.75 to $3.75 Sept. 1/22, and again to $4.25 Jan. 1/23
o    Weekend rises from $2 to $2.50 Sept. 1/22, and again to $3 Jan. 1/23
o    Evening stays the same ($2.25)
•    Health Benefits (Article 20)
o    The employer’s share of the premium will increase to 65% (from 55%), and employees will pay less (35% down from 45%)
o    A new Health Spending Account of $200 (prorated by FTE) will start Jan. 1, 2023. This money can be used to cover health/dental costs not covered by the plan. Unused amounts can be carried forward for one year.
o    Clarifying that all members can access a copy of the plan and that if the benefits plan is changed, it will not decrease the coverage.
•    Leave of Absence (Article 21) – Expanding one day paid leave to attend funeral services to apply to any close friend (not just a relative) and clarifying that bereavement leave for parents/children applies to step, foster, guardian/ward relationships
•    Professional Fees (Article 32)– Reimbursement for LPN professional fees increases from $200 to $250/year
•    Uniform and Apparel (Article 33) – Increased clothing allowance from $40 to $60/year

Non-monetary improvements include:
•    Article 4 – Union Recognition
o    Increased time for union orientation of new members (30 minutes up from 15 minutes)
•    Article 5 - Union Membership, Security and Check-Off
o    The employer will provide more details about members (phone number and FTE) to the union
•    Article 7 – Respect in the Workplace
o    No Discrimination/No Harassment added to the title and adding the obligation for the employer to begin an investigation within 72 hours when a member files a complaint of discrimination/harassment
•    Article 9 – Probationary Period and Orientation
o    Probation shortened from 522 to 503.75 hours
•    Article 11 – Layoff and Recall
o    Increased notice period if layoffs occur (28 vs. 14 days)
o    Increased time for continuing benefits (at member’s expense) during layoff (120 days vs. 3 months)
•    Article 12 – In-Service Program
o    Members can request paid time to complete online modules at home
•    Article 13 - Appointments, Promotions, Transfers and Vacancies
o    More flexibility for temporary employees to apply for temporary positions and clarifying that any medical accommodations are not violations of the job posting process
•    Article 18 – Named Holidays
o    Clarifying that National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a paid holiday
•    Article 22 - Sick Leave
o    The employer won’t normally request proof of illness, but if they do they will reimburse any costs
o    Clarifying that temporary employees do have sick leave after 6 months
•    Article 27 – Discipline and Dismissal
o    Sunset period for disciplinary records on file shortened from 24 to 18 months (as long as no additional discipline received)
•    Article 30 - Bulletin Board Space
o    Remove the requirement for employer permission to post on the union board
•    Salary Schedule
o    Removing the separate classification for Student Dining Room Servers (all servers will be paid the same)
o    Clarifying that the Client Ambassador position will be removed once the pandemic is over

Other housekeeping changes:
•    Gender neutral provisions throughout the agreement
•    New Union address (Article 1 – Term)
•    Clarifying time off for union business (negotiations) (Article 8 – Union Stewards) and deleting language regarding “solicit members” (for example, we do ask members to bring forward their concerns)
•    Clarifying that the seniority list will be provided annually (Article 10 – Seniority)
•    Clarifying hours of work for part-time and specifying that pick up shifts will be offered first to part-time on a seniority basis, then to casuals
•    Clarifying that, in cases of overpayment, the employer can only recover amounts going back 6 months (not 12)
•    Clarifying that employees who don’t bank vacation pay can still take unpaid time off (Article 19 – Annual Vacation)
•    Clarifying the casuals are entitled to paid training, shift differentials and holiday pay

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