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Bargaining Update: Seasons Retirement Communities - Camrose

Local: 047 Chapter: 009 - Tentative agreement reached

Mar 12, 2020

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Your bargaining team is pleased to report we came to a tentative agreement on March 9 that includes strong job security language in a letter of understanding (LOU) and expanded Respectful Workplace language (formerly the No Discrimination article).

The no contracting-out LOU will protect full-time and part-time members from being laid off as a result of contracting out.

In addition, the employer agrees not to supplement our bargaining unit work with third-party staffing agency employees if it results in the layoff, reduction of hours of work, reduction of compensation or displacement of regular employees.

For vacant shifts, the employer can fill them with a non-bargaining unit staffing agency but only after all applicable bargaining unit members have been approached and can’t fill them.

In an economic climate where health-care workers are at a particularly high risk of losing their jobs, employment protections like this are more important than ever.

Other Features of the Tentative Agreement

Starting January 1, 2022, we will be entitled to more vacation weeks sooner in our employment.

  • At least six but less than twelve years of service = four weeks vacation.
  • Twelve or more years of service = five weeks vacation.

Call-in Procedure
New language stipulates that the employer has an obligation to distribute additional hours of work as equitably as possible among available regular Part-Time Employees. If all available shifts are not filled by regular Part-Time Employees, Casuals may be assigned the shifts as equitably as possible.

Bereavement Leave
Grandchild, step-parent, niece and nephew will be included in the definition of “family” starting Jan. 1 , 2021.

Monetary Items
If we vote in favour of ratification, the new collective agreement will bring in the following salary increases:

  • 0% in 2020
  • 0.50% in 2021
  • 0.75% on January 1, 2022
  • 0.75% on July 1, 2022

A new LOU also stipulates that effective April 1, 2020, when a Care Aide’s achieves certification as a Health Care Aide (HCA), the employer will recognize all hours worked as a Care Aide on the basis of one annual increment for each one year of service up to the maximum of the wage scale of a Health Care Aide.

All of these improvements and more will make for a fairer workspace that recognizes you for the work you do supporting the seniors in our community, who deserve the consistent, quality care that can only be delivered when staff are respected.

Marsha Bacon -
Janielle Nordin -
Wendy Cochrane -

Terry Luhoway, Negotiator -
Celia Shea, Communications - or 780-720-8122
Michelle Szalynski, Organzing - or 403-634-8262

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