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Bargaining Update: Canterbury Foundation, 047/013, All Staff

Bargaining resumes; non-monetary discussion concluded.

Oct 18, 2021

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On Oct. 12 & 13, your negotiating team met with the employer to continue bargaining. We made good progress and completed our discussions about non-monetary items, by signing off several articles that:

  • Hold the employer responsible for providing AUPE with additional contact and member information, so the union can maintain communications with members.
  • Provide guidelines for a Workload Committee. The employer has committed to actively collaborating with the Committee’s union representatives and engaging in meaningful discussions to resolve staff concerns around this very serious issue, which has only grown more dire during the pandemic.
  • Amend sick leave provisions. The employer will not normally request proof of illness, but if they do, they will reimburse the full cost of a doctor’s note. Members are required to give at least four hours’ notice or as much notice as possiblewhen calling in sick.

Some non-monetary proposals remain outstanding. We will revisit them when we have our monetary discussions, which are set to begin on Nov. 24 & 25. When we get back to the table, we’ll also be able to tackle some of our biggest priorities — getting more full-time positions and more regular scheduling. Both would not only improve our working conditions immensely, but also allow us to provide optimal care for Canterbury’s residents.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We’re here to provide support and amplify your voice at the bargaining table.


Violeta Catungal or 587-974-7709

Mina Cadayoc or 780-729-9065 

Phoebe Burton or 780-614-4558


Brianna Delaney or 780-782-0780



Merryn Edwards, Negotiator or 780-952-1951

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing or 403-634-8262

Celia Shea, Communications or 780-720-8122

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