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Bargaining Update: 118/006 Saddle Hills County Jan. 31 2020

Your negotiating team has reached a tentative agreement with the employer. Check out the details here.

Jan 31, 2020

Tentative Agreement Reached

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Your bargaining committee met with the employer on January 16 and 17, and we were able to achieve a settlement. We are recommending that members ratify this agreement. Please see below for highlights of the agreement or click here [link to MOA] for the full Memorandum of Agreement.

Ratification Vote

Your team will be hosting a meeting on February 12 to discuss the tentative agreement, with an opportunity to vote after the meeting, as well as a second ratification voting day on the 13. These are your opportunities to vote on this tentative agreement.

Tentative Agreement Meeting and Ratification Vote
Wednesday, February 12
4:30 p.m.
Blueberry Mountain Community Hall
Food will be provided and there will be the opportunity to cast your ratification vote after the meeting.

Ratification Voting Second Day
Thursday, February 13
Saddle Hills County Office
Meeting Room 7

Come anytime during your break or non-work time to cast your ratification vote.

AUPE – Saddle Hills County Tentative Agreement Highlights

Term: Jan. 1, 2019 – Dec. 31, 2022

General Wage Increases:
Jan. 1, 2019 - 1.5%
Jan. 1, 2020 - 1.75%
Jan. 1, 2021 - 2%
Jan. 1, 2022 - 2%
Increases are retroactive to the effective date for current employees.

Signing bonus (upon ratification):
$500 full-time ($250 for part time)

Increase of $150 health spending account ($900 total) effective Jan. 1, 2020 and conversion to flex spending effective July 1, 2020.
Part-time employees have the option of participating in pension plan (LAPP) and health benefits.

Hours of Work and Overtime:
End of 520 overtime agreement as of March 31, 2020, and replaced by 40 hours/week guaranteed for roads employees, overtime paid or banked on each cheque.
Employer has the option to introduce a schedule of 10 hrs/day at straight time for 4 days/week for public works
Other averaging agreements (working longer shifts at straight time with an average of 40 hours/week over the shift rotation) by mutual agreement only.
Employees can request flexible hours of work (for example modifying the length of your lunch break, start and/or end times)
Protecting the employer’s current practice of covering expenses, mileage and accommodation for training, conferences and seminars
Returning Seasonal Employees:
Temporary employees entitled to sick leave and benefits after 9 months (vs. I year) and they shall have their previous service and seniority recognized if they return within 1 year

Ability to carry forward up to one half of your vacation entitlement into the next year
Ability to request partial payout (full-time) or full payout (part-time) of vacation pay
Vacation stops accruing if on unpaid leave for 30 days or more

Special Leaves:
Cap of 40 hrs/yr (prorated for part-time) for medical appointments (without using sick leave)
Ability to use entire special leave entitlement (8 days/year) for family illness
Bereavement can be taken at the time of death or funeral (vs. funeral only) and addition of grandchild, uncle, aunt, guardian/ward, foster/step child/parent to definition of immediate family

Standby/On Call:
Language changes, but no change in current practice (2hrs pay overnight on a night where you worked during the day, 3 hrs pay overnight if you did not work that day)

Return to work:
Timelines specified for Employees to keep the Employer informed of their return to work during an extended absence (WCB, illness, maternity/parental etc.)

Sick Leave:
The employer will reimburse up to $25 for the cost of proof of illness if required

Job Postings
Changes include: specifying information to be included on job posting, allowing for electronic posting (in addition to at the worksite), and giving temporary employees equal consideration, with seniority as the deciding factor where qualifications, abilities and skills are relatively equal

In the event of layoff, employees can chose to take severance at the time of layoff instead of exercising recall rights

Employer/Union relations:
Employer will advise of employees’ right to union representation for discipline or investigation meetings and such meetings to be scheduled to allow a union representative to attend
Expanded language in the preamble regarding the provision of quality public services in a rural setting, with safe and efficient operation
New Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Violence article – the employer must respond within 90 days of an employee filing a complaint
Union meetings on employer premises will not interfere with operations
Expanded list of member information provided to the union
15 minutes provided on work time for union orientation for new employees
Clarified language regarding the purpose and scheduling of the Employee-Management Advisory Committee (EMAC)
Provisions for members elected or appointed to full-time union positions
Option of sole arbitrator for grievances, or other forms of dispute resolution by mutual agreement
New language outlining the operation of the joint OHS committee in line with legislation

Leaves of Absences:
Maternity/Parental leave in line with legislation
Terminal Care and Parents of Critically Ill Children leave in line with legislation

Management Rights
Expanded language specifying what the employer has control over

New article limiting the amount that can be deducted by the employer in the amount of an overpayment to 10%/pay without mutual agreement
Fitness and Impairment
New article stating Employees must not be impaired at work and that the employer may conduct drug/alcohol testing in accordance with applicable laws

Please update your contact information so you don’t miss out on important bargaining updates by visiting:

Please feel free to contact your bargaining committee with any questions, concerns or feedback you may have.


Chelsea Brett or 780-864-5092
Bev Damer or 780-864-0430
Wayne Lacey 780-518-2189


Merryn Edwards Negotiator or 780-952-1951
Dave Malka Organizer or 780-231-1800
Alexander Delorme Communications or 780-930-3333


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