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Bargaining Update: 047/022 Venta Care - Nursing Care

Bargaining continues as nursing care shows solidarity with GSS

Feb 21, 2020

Bargaining continues as nursing care shows solidarity with GSS

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On February 18, your bargaining team met with the employer to continue bargaining. This is the first meeting we’ve had since they hired a new negotiator, so we spent the majority of our time catching them up on the main issues.
We also took this as an opportunity to re-emphasize our top concerns and our priority items. Overall, this led to a lot of full and productive discussions.
We also reminded Venta Care that we bargain to improve the working conditions and lives of all Alberta health-care workers, and we expect them to keep their end of an agreement to accept all the non-monetary proposals negotiated at our table for the General Support Services (GSS) agreement.
Our GSS coworkers are a crucial part of Alberta’s health-care system and deserve the protections all workers do.
Our next bargaining dates are scheduled for April 21 and 22. We are still waiting on the employer to disclose their financial information, so we can move on to discussing monetary items.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out – we’re here to keep you informed.


Ashley Burt | 780.222.1152
Evelina Falsetti | 780.271.7611
Karina Acorda | 780.909.1000


Jason Rattray, Negotiator
Dave Malka, Organizer
Celia Shea, Communications or 780-720-8122

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