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Bargaining begins at Civida (formerly Capital Region Housing)

Bargaining Update for AUPE members working for Civida, Local 118 Chapter 011

Jun 15, 2022

Bargaining begins

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Your negotiating team met with the employer on June 6 and 7 to begin bargaining for your next collective agreement.

We had some good discussions at the table. In fact, we signed-off on several Articles with either minor changes or no changes. These include:

  •     Article 2 - Application
  •     Article 4 - Union Membership and Dues Check Off   
  •     Article 6 - Employee Management Advisory Committee  
  •     Article 8 - Employer - Union Relations  
  •     Article 14 - Human Resources Policies and Procedures  
  •     Article 16 - Probationary Appointment  
  •     Article 17 - Seniority  
  •     Article 37 - Pension Plan  
  •     Article 42 - Work Clothing and Allowances  
  •     Letter Of Understanding: Workload Issues

Civida is proposing a three-year agreement, covering 2021, 2022, and 2023. They are also proposing a one per cent wage increase each year, which is unfortunately well below what members need to keep up with the rising costs of living.

Next bargaining meetings

We have scheduled our next bargaining meetings for July 5 and 6.

Don’t miss any future bargaining updates! Make sure AUPE has your up-to-date contact information by visiting

Please contact your negotiating team representatives or AUPE Resource Staff if you have any questions.


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