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AUPE Local 050 and AGLC reach a tentative agreement

Your bargaining team has been hard at work in negotiations since September of 2017. That hard work paid off on October 29 when we were able to agree on a TA.

Nov 08, 2019

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Your bargaining team has been hard at work in negotiations since September of 2017. That hard work paid off on Tuesday, October 29 when we were able to agree on a tentative agreement with the employer.

Below is a brief summary of the positive changes that are included in this modernized tentative agreement, many of which were identified by you the membership as needing change. Please note this is a summary and not an exhaustive list of changes. For more information you should view the Tentative Agreement on the Local 50 Facebook page, the link in this post or the Local 50 website:

Summary of TA

Article 4 – addition of Union orientation for new employees and access to the employers electronic bulletin board.
Article 11 – amendments to expand the grievance procedure to allow more issues to be subject to arbitration. A requirement to provide particulars at each step of the grievance procedure.
Article 16 – adjusted to provide the same benefits levels as those in the GOA agreement($2.75 afternoon & $5.00 night) for shift differentials.
Article 16A – adjusted to provide the same benefits levels as those in the GOA agreement($3.25) for weekend differentials.
Article 24 – revised to include posting temporary positions greater than 6 months. The inclusion of criteria for hiring and preference to qualified internal candidates.
Article 26 – 2 additional special leave days for illness in the immediate family and a expanded definition of immediate family. Inclusion of 5 days paid Domestic Violence Leave.
Article 28 – new $50 reimbursement for proof of illness notes and recognition of an employees rights to privacy while balancing the employers need for illness substantiation.
Article 40 – expanded language to deal with meal allowance approvals.
Article 45 – improved recognition of Part Time Employees they are now treated as permanent employees which provide greater access to C/A benefit such as Christmas Closure. They will now get paid vacation time while on annual leave (vs) vacation pay in July.
Article 50 – term of the agreement is 3 years expiring July 31, 2020.

New Article 51 Respectful Workplace - Identifies protections provided by Human Rights legislation and includes definitions of workplace harassment, workplace bullying and sexual harassment. The Article also identifies processes for dealing with formal complaints.
New Article 52 Classification - outlining processes for the establishment of  compensation for new classifications in the bargaining unit. There is also a classification appeal process spelled out in the agreement, however the final decision is not grievable.
New Article 53 Contracting Out – including consultation with the Union 90 days prior to any decision on contracting out. The Union also has the ability to approach the employer to discuss positions/work already contracted out with a view to providing the service with bargaining unit employees.
New Letter of Understanding – to entrench the Health Spending account in the collective agreement.
New Letter of Understanding – to provide consultation with the Union prior to making any changes to the Health Benefit Plans.

Salaries – are the same as other government agencies with 0% for Aug 1, 2017, 0% for Aug 1, 2018 and a wage re-opener for Aug 1, 2019. Negotiations for the wage re-opener have to start prior to January 31, 2020.

The Local will be holding a general information session on November 14th , 2019 at 4:40pm. We will have video conferencing so all regional offices can participate. Please join us to learn more about this tentative agreement.

Ratification Vote

Please have the ballot in this package returned to the AUPE  Edmonton office by November 27, 2019. The Bargaining Committee will be counting the Ballots on November 29th, 2019.

If you have any questions please contact a member of the bargaining team:

David Klein |
Michael Croteau |
Jennifer Clavette |
Deb Coulas |
Chad  Goeree |
Paddy O’Donnell |

AUPE Staff Negotiator Dale Perry |

The Local 50 bargaining team would like to thank you for your support during the long bargaining process and encourage each of you to exercise your right to vote by returning the enclosed ballot.

In Solidarity,
Local 50 Bargaining Team

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