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Workers at Chartwell Wescott Retirement Residence join AUPE

Workers at yet another continuing care facility demand better

Apr 12, 2022

Workers at yet another continuing care facility demand better

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EDMONTON – On April 8, 2022, the Alberta Labour Relations Board certified the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) as bargaining agent for approximately 67 workers at the Chartwell Wescott Retirement Residence in Edmonton.  

“Workers at Chartwell Wescott have worked tirelessly through a pandemic,” says AUPE vice-president Susan Slade. “By joining the AUPE family, they are saying they are prepared to fight for fair, safe working conditions and improved quality of care for their residents.” 
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, employers like Chartwell have been quick to applaud “frontline heroes” but reluctant to compensate them fairly for their work or make improvements to their working conditions. The result is more and more workers looking to join AUPE, says Slade. 

“COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of conditions at long term and continuing care facilities across the country,” Slade continues. “Workers at these facilities have undergone enormous pressure and put themselves at risk again and again. They’ve learned that organizing collectively is the best way to ensure they get what they deserve for their efforts.” 

“Our newest members are part of a growing movement across long-term and continuing care worksites as word spreads about the improvements belonging to a union can bring. They want fairness. They want respect. They want the consideration they’ve earned from their employer for all they do for the people under their care. And they do so much, every day, to ensure the quality of that care.” 

The next steps for Chartwell Wescott members will be to form a chapter executive and a negotiating team and serve notice to the employer to commence bargaining. 

“We are proud to have these workers join our family of more than 95,000 members across the province. We are ready to stand with them as they begin the journey to well-deserved improvements to their working environment.” 

For more information, please contact communications officer Kavi Chahal at or 780-729-5108. 

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