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Whitehorn Village NC: The employer ratified mediator’s recommendations

Update for Local 048 Chapter 051, Whitehorn Village

Oct 19, 2023

We're fighting to ensure you receive retroactive pay mediator included

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The Board of Investors at Whitehorn Village ratified the mediator's recommendations on Tuesday, October 17. This is a significant step toward securing the well-deserved raise and other monetary improvements you've been waiting for, over the past 2.5 years.

However, it's not all good news. By approving the extension, the mediator tried to ensure that members would not be disadvantaged over the past six weeks and included retroactive pay for the new wages, differentials, and other improvements from August 30 to October 15. Regrettably, the employer is refusing to provide this retroactive payment at this time.

In their response, the employer tried to label this retroactive pay as a “union demand”. However, it was not a union demand; it was a stipulation included by the mediator in the extension agreement to allow for the extension.

Your negotiating team hopes this is a misunderstanding and that the retroactive payment will be honoured.

If there's a misunderstanding, we hope it can be resolved promptly to ensure you receive your rightful compensation. If not, we will request the Alberta Labour Relations Board's intervention to make a decision on this outstanding matter.

Rest assured, your negotiation team remains committed to this issue and is working diligently for a positive resolution.

We will continue to fight for what you rightfully deserve. Stay strong.


Stacey Ryan-Chipman or 403-589-6688

Azebe Mamo or 403-797-1621

Susan Kuriakose or 587-707-7859


Christian Tetreault, Negotiations

Jennifer Garrison, Membership Services

Michelle Szalynski, Organizing


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