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The “We Support Public Services” Sign Campaign Returns

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Sep 23, 2022

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After the success of the We Support Public Services campaign, signs appeared on countless lawns and in windows across the province. Many people were eager to show their support for the essential public services that Albertans rely on and for the hard-working AUPE members that deliver those services.  

Albertans count on a wide array of public services to meet their needs and keep them safe. Public services are essential and help create a supportive and inclusive society.  

It is important that these services remain public and accessible and retain the high quality that all Albertans deserve. We know that privatized services prioritize profit over people—and the quality of services suffers to line the pockets of corporate owners. Again and again, we’ve seen the detrimental impacts of privatization and we will continue to send the message that public services belong to the public.  

Many AUPE members have been eagerly waiting to show your support and appreciation of public services—which is now possible with newly-printed signs. Stop by your nearest regional office or ask your AUPE vice president about how to get one on your lawn or in your apartment window.  

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