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University of Calgary: Tentative agreement reached with employer

Local 052 Support Staff at University of Calgary

May 19, 2022

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Stay tuned for details on proposal and ratification vote

Your Local 52 negotiating committee has signed a tentative agreement with the University of Calgary and will present it to the membership.
Your negotiating committee is neither recommending you vote in favour nor against, but felt it was necessary for all members to see, to decide for themselves
Your team is currently planning a virtual town hall to present the tentative agreement and answer any questions members may have prior to members voting. Details on the date will be announced soon. We will also let you know about the voting process as soon as the logistics are finalized.
Full details of what is in the offer will be coming to you soon in a summary document, along with the formal changes which you can review in advance of the virtual town hall. However, we wanted to highlight a couple of the item that members may be interested in:
This employer’s proposal included improved language in numerous areas, including a revised Letter of Understanding (LOU) on employment security for Regular, Sessional, or Recurring Part-time Employees. This will be in effect from the date of the tentative agreement being signed until December 31, 2022.
Fixed-Term members who leave the employ of the University at the end of their appointment can have their prior seniority date to include prior service 90 days instead of the current 45 days (FXT 38.02).
On salary, the offer is similar to that recently accepted by employees of the Government of Alberta. It offers a wage increase of 1.25% in January 2023; an increase of 1.5% on Sept. 1, 2023; plus 0.5% in a gain-sharing formula tied to Alberta’s GDP, to be calculated in February 2024 and paid back to Sept., 1, 2023.
There is also an increase to the health and dental benefit caps to bring it back to 100% employer paid.
I’m sure you will have questions, but please wait for the summary document and document with all changes. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions at the upcoming virtual town hall and you will always be able to reach out to your negotiation team.  
Justin Huseby

Marla Halsted

Barb McCutcheon

Frank Snow


Dale Perry Negotiations

Scott Drake Organizing

Terry Inigo-Jones Communications


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