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Special Areas Board: Bargaining Sees Significant Progress

Update for Local 118 Chapter 020, Special Areas Board

Jul 09, 2024

Non-monetary articles improved and agreed to

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Your negotiating team is pleased to report that bargaining in this round has been productive with both parties have advancing mutual and individual interests successfully. We have made encouraging progress on non-monetary items and language. However, we are aware that there is further to go and much left to be discussed as monetary negotiation have not yet begun. We are ready to keep advocating for the gains you deserve. 

The employer thoroughly reviewed our proposals and returned altered language we were willing to accept. Your negotiating team addressed employer concerns and amended proposals where necessary.  

Three days of dialogue saw significant progress on outstanding non-monetary items, with most articles being signed off with our requested improvements. The following articles are signed off with the improvements noted: 

  • Article 8 - Prohibition Against Discrimination 
    • Added clarity and timelines to complete investigations 
  • Article 11 - Acting Incumbent 
    • Clarified when acting incumbent status is received 
  • Article 12 - Layoff/Position Abolishment 
    • Removed "permanent layoff" and clarified the process to follow in reverse seniority 
  • Article 14 - Seniority 
    • Addressed where it appears in the Collective Agreement 
  • Article 15 - Hours of Work 
    • Established a full process for averaging agreements 
  • Article 22 - Probationary Period 
    • Enhanced the article to ensure dismissal only after fair and appropriate consideration, with timelines for reviews 
  • Article 27 - Proof of Illness 
    • Employer to pay any time proof of illness is requested 

With only 3-4 non-monetary articles remaining, your negotiating team will deliver a comprehensive monetary package at the next scheduled meeting in September. We have high hopes that negotiations will continue in a positive manner.  

Please reach out to your negotiating team with any concerns or questions and stay posted for future updates.  


Paulette Gillespie 

Craig Wright 

Vern Thuroo 


Christian Tetreault  

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