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SPAN: Many articles near resolution

Bargaining Update for St. Paul Abilities Network (SPAN) Local 047 Chapter 063

May 29, 2023

Significant monetary negotiations at next meeting

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Negotiations with the employer have continued to proceed in a productive and amicable manner and your negotiating team is pleased with the progress we’ve made so far.  

Our latest session on May 18 had a significant focus on resolving language in the Hours of Work article, a somewhat challenging effort given the unique and diverse work environment at SPAN. Also during this session, the employer offered acceptable responses to several proposals, leading us to a quickly approaching resolution to several articles.  

It is worth noting that the articles that are near completion are those with smaller price tags. The upcoming June 21 meeting will be when we take on significantly pricier aspects such as benefits, vacation, named holidays, sick leave, on-call pay, and others. Your negotiating team is prepared to fight for what you deserve at the table and not make easy concessions to the employer.   

You may be aware that the Government of Alberta recently announced a 10% funding increase that impacts all of you. Your negotiating team discussed this new funding with the employer who in turn assured us they have informed the government that we are in bargaining. The employer stated that the funding does not expire, and we are not at risk of losing it as we take the time to negotiate a fair collective agreement. Though we understand that members are eager to get those funds that they rightfully deserve, the parties are currently in a “statutory freeze period” which prevents the employer from unilaterally changing terms and conditions of employment. Most often this freeze period is to the benefit of members as it prevents employers from reducing compensation and other benefits, but in this case it also prevents wage increases.  

Your negotiating team remains committed to reaching a fair and equitable collective agreement with the terms and compensation that you deserve. We appreciate that you have all been patient throughout the process and hope you understand that the time we commit now will ensure an agreement that meets our needs. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact a member of your negotiating team.  


Thomas Michetti 

Michael Anu 

Sylvia Nkwelle 


Kate Robinson Negotiations 

Scott Drake Organizing 

Guy Quenneville Membership Services 

Kavi Chahal Communications 

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