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Revera Scenic Acres Calgary: Bargaining Begins

Revera seeks rollbacks on their way out the door.

Sep 08, 2023

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After hearing directly from the workers of Revera Scenic Acres through our bargaining survey, your negotiating team drafted and exchanged ingoing bargaining proposals with the employer during negotiations on August 29, 30 and 31. 

Our proposals seek to equalize the terms and conditions for all AUPE/Revera agreements. If we are all doing the same work for the same employer, shouldn’t we all be treated the same? We also addressed the gaps where Revera compensation ranges are below those of other private seniors’ care employers. These gaps are particularly evident in areas such as health spending accounts and stacked premiums on weekends. 

Our proposals also point out that the constant issue of short-time staffing could be addressed in part by making the schedule more stable and predictable, including by increasing the number of full-time and expanded regular part-time positions. The employer refused to consider this at bargaining but encouraged us to bring this issue to the Employee Management Advisory Committee. We will pursue those discussions, but also retain our bargaining proposals pending the outcome.  

In contrast, Revera’s proposals would make scheduling more unpredictable and casualized (including mandatory overtime!), while also significantly rolling back compensation to areas such as overtime pay, bereavement leave, compensation for working through breaks, and benefits for temporary employees.  

Their proposals also seek to dictate seniority by hours worked (decreasing or erasing differences between part-time and casual employees) and give the employer greater “flexibility” in scheduling. This flexibility would be accomplished by enabling the employer to decide how to offer pick-up shifts (i.e., no longer to part-time employees on the basis of seniority), to post schedules with shorter notice, and to require that employees give longer notice when requesting time off, all of which would create further volatility in the lives of its workers.  

In addition to being regressive, these proposals continue to inflame the uncertainty that has surrounded Revera Scenic Acres’ transition to the new employer, Cogir, as the outgoing employer pulls the rug out from under the employees left behind on their way out the door. Employees want more stability, but Revera’s proposals would destabilize our workplace at an already uncertain time 

Given the completely opposite direction of our proposals from Revera’s, non-monetary talks have already concluded, without agreements on the important issues above. Discussion of monetary items will take place October 16-18 as well as November 8 and 9.  

Your negotiating team will continue to consult with you as we go through this process as well as the transition to a new employer, and we will decide on the next steps together. 

If you have any questions about this update, please reach out to a member of your negotiating team. 


Olga Orysik  
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Egla Yilma  
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Nimfa Martin  
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Merryn Edwards Negotiations   

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Nick Aubichon Member Services Officer    


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