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Time for Action Rallies - All details

Park Place Senior Living cuts all full-time hours at Edmonton location

Workers and patients will feel the consequences

May 23, 2024

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EDMONTON – Park Place Senior Living has cut hours for all full-time health care aides (HCA) at the Devonshire Care Centre.  

AUPE members working at the care centre are holding a rally on May 23 to voice their opposition to this attack on their livelihoods. 

Park Place Senior-Living Devonshire Care Centre  
1808 Rabbit Hill Road NW, Edmonton 
Thursday, May 23.  
2 p.m. - 4 p.m. 
Media are invited to attend. 

“Cutting full-time hours nearly in half will do nothing but hurt the staff and the residents they care for,” says AUPE Vice-President Bobby-Joe Borodey. The essential work performed by these AUPE members is not valued by their employer. The workers, their families, and the residents will pay the price. 

“Devonshire advertises the quality of care their staff provides, all while cutting their knees out from under them.” 

HCAs have seen their hours cut from full time to 0.7 time. Apart from the loss of full-time hours, this also means they are losing the critical benefits they were entitled to as full-time employees.  

HCAs previously working at 0.4 time will now have to work at 0.56 time to cover this new gap. As a result of the reduced hours, the employer has effectively reorganized the schedule, altering the patients to which the HCA’s will provide care.  

“Anyone who works in healthcare, has worked in healthcare, or has a loved one in care knows how important the relationship that the residents build with their caregivers is,” says Borodey. “Having a caregiver that knows the needs of their patient, and has built a relationship with them, is key to providing the highest quality of care.” 


AUPE VP Bobby-Joe Borodey attended the information picket and is available for media interviews. 

For more information, please contact Raphaël Boutroy, communications officer, at 780-904-1791 or 

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