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Nominations for the 2024 DOVE award are now open!

A prestigious annual award that recognizes women in the union who make a difference.

Dec 19, 2023

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The search is on! 

Members now have an opportunity to look around your own worksites, chapters and locals to find women whose union work makes a real difference to you, their co-workers and all members.  

Every year, the Women’s Committee presents the DOVE award to a woman AUPE member for their outstanding contributions to the betterment of women and all members of our union. 

The DOVE award, which stands for Day of Validation and Equity, provides an opportunity for members to recognize the work of their co-workers as activists, stewards, worksite contacts and spokespeople for the union movement. 

Any woman who is a regular member of AUPE in good standing with the exception of members of the current Women’s Committee may be nominated. 

The deadline to submit a nomination form is Friday, Jan. 20, 2024 at 12 pm.

The winner of the 2024 DOVE award will be celebrated at AUPE’s annual International Women’s Day celebration. More details about this event will come after a winner has been selected in February 2024. 

While International Women’s Day is often seen as a day for celebration, it is in fact a day for protest. It started as a defiant, militant movement in opposition to an economy that exploited working people and a society that made women second-class citizens. 

The DOVE award is a symbol of how organized labour was – and continues to be – a vital part of the women’s rights movement.  

It is a reminder that a woman’s place is in her union and that the courageous acts AUPE members make every day at work and in their communities to demand better wages and working conditions move us all towards a better future. 

If you know a woman in the union who is dedicated to the betterment of women and all members of our union, please nominate them for the 2024 DOVE Award:  

For more information, please contact Carrie-Lynn Rusznak, Women’s Committee Staff Advisor, at

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