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New agreement accepted by Emcon members

Bargaining update for AUPE members working for EMCON, Local 118 Chapters 024, 025, 026, 027

Jul 21, 2022

The Emcon vote team poses after finishing counting ballots
The Emcon vote crew poses after counting ballots

Emcon members have voted to accept the tentative agreement that the negotiating team bargained with Frank.

Negotiating this new agreement has been a long and difficult process. Frank put up countless obstacles along the way, but just like when we’re at work, the negotiating team didn’t shy from a bumpy road.

In fact, your negotiating team took the unprecedented step of driving across the province so members could vote right on the worksite. Every member should be proud of your interest in and dedication to the voting process.

But bargaining is not a one-and-done event. This new contract expires in 2024 and we will be back to bargaining before you know it. It’s important for us to keep having conversations with each other about our work and what can be improved in the next collective agreement. We can make even more gains next time when we are united with our demands!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your negotiating team or AUPE resource staff.


Mike Brouwer  

Jason Fandrich  

Jason MacLeod or 587-201-5094

Bernard Quinn  

Dallas Shier  


Jason Rattray, Negotiator  

Dave Malka, Organizer

Jerry Woods, Membership Services Officer  

Alexander Delorme, Communications

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