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Time for Action Rallies - All details

It's Pay Equity Month! And time for Alberta to get with the times! 

AUPE's Pay and Social Equity Committee is launching a campaign to make pay equity the law.

Apr 03, 2023

Alberta one of worst provinces when it comes to the gender wage gap

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The Pay and Social Equity Standing Committee of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is launching a campaign to petition the Legislature of Alberta to get with the times and make pay equity the law.
Alberta is one of only four provinces that have failed to pass legislation ensuring that people receive equal pay for performing work of equal value.

Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and British Columbia have not enacted pay equity laws but have developed policy frameworks for negotiating pay equity with some specific public sector employees. Only Alberta has neither passed pay equity legislation nor developed a pay equity negotiation framework.
Data from Statistics Canada shows that Alberta is one of the worst provinces when it comes to the gender wage gap. 

Figure 4: Statistics Canada. Table 14-10-0340-02 Average and median gender wage ratio, annual

Let's put pay equity on the political radar!

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As noted by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, this disproportionately affects Indigenous women, women of colour and newcomers to Canada who increasingly make up a significant portion of AUPE’s membership. Disabled women are even further impacted.
AUPE’s Pay and Social Equity Committee, along with the Women’s Committee wants to see the issue of pay equity on the public’s radar in the upcoming provincial election and beyond. We believe this is a non-partisan issue that should be a top priority for everyone seeking office, and the electors being asked to vote for them.

Equal pay for work of equal value
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Members are asked to download and print this poster for their worksite bulletin boards and stay tuned throughout the month of April for more information about this important topic. 

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