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Government of Alberta denies access to Canadian Dental Care Plan

Premier Danielle Smith decides to opt out of national program for dental coverage

Jun 28, 2024

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EDMONTON – Premier Smith’s decision to deny Albertans access to The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is a mistake, says the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE).  

“The premier is playing politics with Albertans’ wellbeing,” says AUPE vice-president Sandra Azocar. “Access to dental care would improve the lives of so many Albertans. It makes no sense to deny Albertans coverage to make a political point. She needs to set aside her grievances with the federal government and put Albertans first.” 

The CDCP provides dental care subsidy to many working Albertans currently without access to the necessary health care. The same Albertans that will be excluded from the new national program are those that need it most.  

While some Albertans receive dental coverage through employer provided benefits—mostly those who are union members—many more have no coverage at all. Premier Smith’s decision to inhibit access to funding that provides vital care has life altering impacts on those who are least able to bear unexpected costs. 

“The premier is more interested in picking fights with the Prime Minister than she is in improving Albertans’ lives. She is rejecting a federally funded program, leaving money on the table, to prove a point to Ottawa,” says Azocar, “This is just another politically motivated decision that is against the  public interest.”  

AUPE is western Canada’s largest union, standing 95,000 members strong. 


Vice-president Sandra Azocar is available for interviews.  

Please contact Kavi Chahal, Communications Officer: 780-729-5108 or

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