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GOA Workers Paint the Worksite Red

Update for GOA Members

Feb 06, 2024

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In just 7 days, our Government Services negotiating team will be at the table with our employer. After months of preparing and hearing from members, our team has prepared a comprehensive proposal of our demands and is ready to fight for us.  

We have been working short-staffed, overloaded, and underfunded for too long – enough is enough. We know it won’t be easy, but we also know what we deserve, and we won’t back down without significant gains.  

Now is the time for solidarity, to show support for our fellow workers, and to show the employer our commitment.  

Make them see red. Join your fellow workers in wearing red – a shirt, a blazer, a scarf, a visible demonstration of your dedication to the struggle to come. Don’t let them look away. 

A step in the many to come, we can continue to show the employer that we stand united. Take the first step on February 13 and paint your worksite red! 

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