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Evanston Grand Village: Why are we not being treated fairly?

Update for Local 048, Chapter 033

Dec 16, 2022

Subcommittee made to gather information about your concerns

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Your negotiating team met with your employer for three days of mediation on November 28, 29 and 30. Your employer tabled a monetary offer, but it fell far short of the provincial averages in relation to the Alberta Health Services agreement and in particular the Holy Cross Manor and St. Margaret Manor Settlements.  

We continue to ask why are we not treated like other workers in Calgary doing the same work? Emphasizing that our members should be treated fairly and have the same pay and benefits that your colleagues have at Holy Cross Manor, St. Margaret Manor and other locations in the province. 

The negotiating team did a fantastic job of presenting a very heartfelt presentation to the employer that broke down issues on wages, scheduling, benefits (particularly the lack of a health care spending account), time off the job and sicknotes.  

The parties have established a sub-committee to meet to gather information regarding your concerns with scheduling and weekends off.  The scheduling sub-committee met December 8 and have started the process of reviewing scheduling.  Please share your concerns with your negotiating team and sub-committee members. Your MSO Brandon Hammond will sit on the committee. 

We are scheduled for another day of mediation with mediator Rick Wilson on January 13. As always, reach out to your negotiating team with any comments or questions. 

Uche Ezeigbo

Manisha Patel

Marlene Robblee  

Varinder Ghangas  

John Wevers, Negotiations 

Jaime Urbina, Organizing  


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