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Education minister ignores front-line workers on school reopening

LaGrange gets an F, told to do her homework again

Aug 21, 2020

LaGrange gets an F, told to do her homework again

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EDMONTON – Education Minister Adriana LaGrange continues to put school children and workers at risk with her determination not to seek or listen to advice from front-line experts, says the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE).

“The minister had a chance to talk to workers, including the AUPE and other union members who will do the cleaning that keeps our kids safe, but chose to ignore us – again,” says Bonnie Gostola, vice-president of AUPE, which represents more than 95,000 workers.

“The minister was asked by the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) earlier this week to engage with education partners. She said today that she talked only to school boards and superintendents,” says Gostola.

“No one knows more about what work is involved and what resources are needed to keep our schools cleans and our children and staff safe than custodial workers. It seems that she does not consider workers to be partners in education.”

On Wednesday, Aug. 19, ATA, AUPE, CUPE Alberta and Unifor released a joint statement calling on the government not to cut corners when schools reopen.

“These unions represent nearly 60,000 education workers. We know schools better than anyone. Refusing to seek our expert opinion is foolish, puts kids and staff at risk and shows contempt for Alberta workers,” says Gostola.

“We give this an F grade and think the minister should go back and do her homework again.”


Bonnie Gostola is available for interviews.
For more information, contact Terry Inigo-Jones, communications officer, 403-831-4394.

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